Laurette Kittler Performing Arts Award

*Open to current and incoming students

ABOUT: This award is in honor of Mrs. Laurette Kittler, English  and Drama teacher here for 38 years.  A $500 scholarship is awarded annually to a candidate with a principal, teacher, parish or community leader recommendation who exhibit outstanding qualities of dedication, character and responsibility.  Applicants must also complete a personal essay to explain his/her interest in the performing arts.  Final candidates may need to interview with members of St. Benedict Preparatory High School Administration.  The award recipient will need to successfully complete at least one performing arts class for the school year in which the scholarship is awarded.


  • Applicant must be an incoming or current student at St. Benedict Prep High School.
  • Applicant’s recommendation must demonstrate evidence of good character and dedication to the arts.
  • Applicant must personally compose an essay that explains his/her interest in the performing arts and how participation in the performing arts provides meaning in their life.