Facts & Figures 2019


·         The school offers a challenging, rigorous curriculum. Students had outstanding test results on the 2019 ACT Aspire summative test of all students in grades 3-8. Averages are above the national average at all grade levels in every category. Our students also scored equal to or higher than the Archdiocese of Chicago (AOC) schools’ average at all grade levels and every category. These scores include all students' performance, including those who receive inclusion services.

·         Recognized as a winner of the Department of Education 2019 National Blue Ribbon School award, one of only 50 non-public schools in the nation awarded.

·         85% of 8th-grade graduates accepted at their first choice of high schools

·         Students share that their transition to high school is smooth because they have executive functioning skills and confidence to navigate a large high school.


·         St. Benedict educates 650 students, from 23 Zip codes, making it a ‘destination school’ for families seeking a superior Catholic education. 

·         11:1 overall student/teacher ratio

·         Content-area specialists teach music, art, STEM technology, gym, library and Spanish/French (starting in fourth grade)

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·         10:1 student/teacher ratio in early childhood classrooms

·         21:1 students per classroom in grades 1-8

·         Maximum class size is about 30% smaller than those of Chicago Public Schools*


·         25+ extra-curricular enrichment clubs, athletics, drama, in-house dance studio, and band and strings instruction. In band and strings alone, 149 students (20%+) have participated this school year.

·         Our faculty is passionate about the success of every student, adopting a flexible approach to education that takes into account Inclusion Services. 

·         SBPS administration, faculty and staff have dedicated their careers in service. The average tenure of faculty is more than 5 years serving St. Benedict families.

·         We create a nurturing environment with a focus on the students’ social and emotional characteristics. Initiatives include a Middle School Advisory and counseling support with United Stand.


·         St. Benedict Parish & Preparatory School is debt-free

·         Invested $3.5 million in capital projects over the past 5 years in building upgrades and classroom improvements, and plan to invest in a new electrical panel, tuck pointing, air conditioning, replace windows and landscaping for the campus over the next few years.

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·         Thriving, active community with a wide variety of volunteer opportunities. Parents had 20K hours of nonmandatory volunteer service last year – including serving on the Advisory Board, Home School Association Board

·         Teaching our students in a secure environment is our priority. SBPS’s city block campus is self-contained with an enclosed playground, double secure entrances and is one of the first schools in the area to install BluePoint, a rapid emergency alert system with mobile device alert, directly linked to local police. 

·         With many innovative and unique offerings, St. Benedict Prep is an ideal point of entry for those seeking a rigorous, enriching middle school experience. The Secondary School operates on the “house system”, a take on the British School House system in which those in grades 6-8 are split into five houses or divisions. Students in each house work together over the course of the year to earn points through academic GPAs, attendance, skills competition, as well as a variety of other opportunities.  The Houses with the most points at the end of the year will have first pick of the possible experiences. 

·         St. Benedict nurtures students to become part of a global community through experiential learning. Grades 6-8 participate in our Agora (ancient Greek for center of culture) week-long educational adventures. In 2019, 6th graders visited Chicago; 7th graders went to Springfield, IL and St. Louis; 8th graders visited Washington D.C., and our final graduating class enjoyed a trip of a lifetime to Italy. In preparation for the trips, students have biweekly Agora classes to learn about the history of each destination, its culture, cuisine, explore different religions and learn about different types of architecture.

·         Parish preschoolers are welcome to participate in Lil' Bengal Beats, a music class for infants and toddlers, ages 3 months to 3 years. This class invites caregivers and their child/children to sing songs, move rhythmically, tap out beats, and feel at home at St. Ben’s. Led by Early Childhood Music specialist Maryanne Johnson, Lil’ Bengal Beats offers the opportunity for caregivers and children to learn, grow, and bond through joyful musical exploration.



·         Wonder Lab, STEM Technology Lab, Creative Media Center and Global Learning Center other unique learning spaces are just the beginning of our plans to renovate our campus to foster a well-rounded education.

·         2:1 school-issued iPads in kindergarten are integrated into lessons

·         1:1 laptop/tablet school-issued devices in grades 1-8 are integrated into lessons, with an onsite IT support team

·         SBPS curriculum and approach are “beyond executive function” (being prepared for learning). The school’s approach to education is based on the 21st Century Learning Framework. Besides learning skills, our students will need substantial content knowledge and IT skills, advanced thinking skills, flexibility to adapt to change, and interpersonal skills to succeed in multi-cultural, cross-functional teams. SBPS curriculum and approach are based on the 7 C’s of Learning:

o   Catholic Formation

o   Critical Thinking

o   Creativity

o   Communication

o   Collaboration

o   Content

o   Confidence


·         St. Benedict Preparatory School provides the opportunity for each student to develop his or her God-given gifts and talents.

·         Faith-centered education provides the opportunity to develop character, a sense of community responsibility, and spiritual development

·         Weekly Mass, sacrament preparation, community service projects and student-led acts of prayer

 * Better Government Association, 2015