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St. Benedict Preparatory School
Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is composed of parents, alumni and other stakeholders of the school with three primary roles:

Advise school administration on policies that help guide the planning and administration of school, as well as review and advise on the school budget, tuition rates and other sources of financing.

Develop and help implement the school’s strategic plan and activities.

Participate in the school’s development, student recruitment efforts and long-range plans.

The St. Benedict Preparatory School Advisory Board is a board of “doers” who strive to help the school fulfill its mission in a spirit of cooperation and interdependence with the pastor and principal.  The Board is composed of 16 members who help chair and drive the activities of eight committees (see below for committee descriptions).  

Each spring a call for nominations is issued to fill openings on the Board and for Associate Members.   We look for people who are able to bring a holistic perspective of the school to Committee and Board proceedings; demonstrate support of the school and administration, and who can contribute leadership and operational expertise to the committees and Board.  Associate members make a year-long commitment with automatic renewal if desired.  An application is required to be considered for associate membership.   Board terms are three years, and because the Board committees are critical to the success of the Board’s objectives, most board openings are filled from Committee membership.  An application and interview process is used to select Board members.

The Board has three officers – Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary – who with the Head of Parish Schools form the Executive Committee.  This team is responsible for the nomination process and for selecting new officers for the upcoming year.

Academic Excellence Committee:  Works to ensure that the Board of Directors is able to communicate effectively regarding the academic advantages available to St. Benedict students; and will coordinate with heads of school regarding parental concerns about academic issues. The Committee will work with the full Board and the heads of school to improve academic excellence and enhance the school’s reputation in this area as appropriate. 

Catholic Identity Committee:  Provides opportunities to help foster a greater desire in the parents to practice their Faith as a family. Working with the parish staff and school faculty, the Catholic Identity will help parents understand and value the centrality of our Faith in the education of their children at our school The Catholic Identity committee hopes to instill in school families a desire to practice the Faith as a priority in their lives. The Catholic Identity will help parents work with the school as partners in developing the faith, character, and values of their children.

Development Committee:  The Committee is responsible for leading and managing the annual parent appeal (Fund Our Future), championing this effort with the Board and the broader school community.   In addition, the Committee assists with the development and implementation as needed of the school’s development plan. The Development Committee will work with the Administration and the Board to ensure that the development plan is aligned with the budget and supports the goal of keeping the cost of tuition affordable for families. 

Finance Committee:  Provides oversight of the School’s overall financial condition, ensuring that the Administration and the Board have a good understanding of tuition and other inflows as well as key operating expenditures.  The Finance Committee will ensure that key financial metrics and standard reporting are in place and will monitor them on an on-going basis (e.g., actual results vs. budget, tuition collection rates).  The Finance Committee will ensure that the school budget is developed in a thoughtful, timely manner and that it aligns with the school’s strategic and operating budgets.  The Committee will provide guidance on the development of allocations of operating costs that provide visibility into the cost to operate the preschool, elementary school, and the high school (i.e., what it costs to educate our children).  This information will be used to help inform budgeting and tuition recommendations.  In addition, the Committee will help advise on key investments made by the school.   

Facilities Committee:  Works closely with the Director of Operations, Head of Parish School and Pastor to 1) Help advise on the implementation of the campus master plan, 2) advise the parish/school leadership on critical short term facilities needs and projects, 3) provide input in how the short term and long term facilities goals and needs affect the school’s 3-5 year strategic plan, 4)communicate on going needs to the school and parish finance committees so to inform financial planning, and 5) advise the parish/school/board leadership regarding projects and needs that need to be communicated to our stakeholders. Committee members may offer practical advice and offer connections to resources that would be helpful to the parish/school in meeting facilities goals and needs.

Marketing & Communications Committee: Works closely with the CEO and Advancement Office to 1) help raise awareness of the benefits of a SBPS education, 2) ensure desired enrollment numbers, and 3) facilitate effective communication to all “stakeholders” – school, families, parish, community.  The Committee will provide strategic input and direction to marketing and communication plans and activities and to identify needs and opportunities, including (but not limited to) strategic messaging, branding/positioning and visibility, community outreach, parent input/feedback (i.e., surveys), and effective communication tools/vehicles. The committee also supports program implementation with advice, resourcing expertise, planning and tactical support as appropriate. 

Strategic Planning & Policy Committee:  Establishes and maintains a 5 year rolling strategic plan dealing with key issues impacting the School’s short- and long-term viability, as well as facilitate the Board’s adoption and/or changes of the By-laws.  The Committee will also review and present to the Board all new policy proposals, including any recommend policy revisions to the Parent Handbook. 

Technology Committee:  This committee will focus on advising the administration and parish leaders on making cost-effective and strategic decisions on IT infrastructure, network and services that enhance and deepen the educational experience for students at all levels, and provide effective, reliable tools for teachers.

2018-19 St. Benedict Preparatory School Advisory Board

Chair: Becky Hauman

Strategic Planning: Megan Biggam (Committee Chair, Vice Chair), Therese Grohman

Finance: Elizabeth Zakaras (Committee Chair, Secretary), Beka Kohmescher

Development: Bill Yankowski (Committee Chair), Brian Stearns

Academic Excellence / Catholic Identity: Carrie Tracy (Committee Chair), Pat Patras, Annie Beach

Marketing: Julie Rothweiler, Erich Parker (Committee Co-Chairs), Dean Evans, Jenny Roock and Julie Eichenseer

Technology: Ron Wojcik (Committee Chair), Alan Johnson

The SBPS Advisory Board accepts applications each Spring for the following school year.  Please send any questions to: