An Innovative Approach to Curriculum: 
Early Childhood (Preschool & Kindergarten)


During these formative years, we focus on developmentally appropriate activities for our young students.  In preschool, a nurturing and fun environment allows for not only supervised play, but content-based learning integral to the development of pre-literacy and pre-math skills.  Kindergarten literacy and math skills are built upon using Everyday Math and Reading Mastery.  Everyday Math teaches application of math skills in real world situations.  Reading Mastery develops a strong phonics foundation and allows students to begin reading at their own level.  Center-based activities allow hands-on experiences for students to learn at their own pace.  This type of learning fosters the development of social, fine, and gross motor skills.

  Other curriculum highlights offered in the Early Childhood program include:

  • Spanish

  • Art, Music, and Technology

  • Physical Education

  • Daily recess in our secured courtyard

  • Portfolio Assessment based on national standards

Faith Development

IMG_3914 (2).JPG

At every level, SBPS students are taught religious principles that deepen and evolve as the student matures.  Whether it's learning about prayer in preschool, preparing for First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion in second grade, being a "Faith Buddy"working with younger students on faith-based projects in the intermediate grades, or engaging in Christian leadership and Confirmation preparation in secondary school, SBPS integrates religious teachings throughout the curriculum.