Authentic Portfolio Assessments

In addition to traditional progress reports and report cards, SBES teachers use authentic portfolio assessments to gauge students’ subject matter mastery. These performance assessments, student reflections and student goal-setting procedures are essential components of the portfolio program — one rigorously aligned with State of Illinois and National learning standards. 

The portfolio itself is a collection of work that our teachers use to communicate student progress from year to year.  Although the portfolio remains in school, it is always available for parents to view, by appointment.

Portfolio Night

Each spring, students invite their parents into the classroom to view their portfolios, to engage in a dialogue about classroom experience, and to demonstrate growth.  Program leaders host an annual student-led portfolio conference as an opportunity to celebrate and reflect upon student work. During Portfolio Night, students set academic goals and evaluate goal progress.

Portfolios teach students to evaluate their own progress. The process of sharing portfolios with parents in a formal conference allows each student to develop communication and presentation skills, while keeping their parents in touch with their needs and accomplishments. Portfolio Night is an additional reporting tool, adding value in a way a report card’s letter grade cannot provide.