Applying to a Catholic High School

Catholic High School Application Process 

Many families are interested in continuing the Catholic education process for their child into their high school years. Recent St. Benedict Prep alums attend several top area Catholic high schools such as St. Ignatius, Loyola Academy, DePaul Prep, Fenwick High School, Notre Dame High School and St. Patrick High School, to name a few. 

Some items for students and parents to consider when applying for area Catholic high schools: 

  • One test day: Sat., Dec. 1

  • Register for school of choice beginning Nov. 17

  • Fee: $25 cash or check to school administering test

  • Test: High School Placement Test (HSPT)

  • Each school has unique applications procedures. 

  • Application process often discussed with parents on test day while your student is testing; can’t begin application process until test day.

  • The application process begins on test day. 

  • Students may only apply or test for one school. 

  • Acceptance letters for schools sent no later than Feb. 1, 2019  

Helpful links:

Affording Catholic Education

  • Most Catholic high schools offer tuition assistance for median- and low-income families. Please contact the admissions office of the Catholic school of your choice for more information.

  • Through the “Invest in Kids Act,” Illinois children from median- and low-income households who want to attend private schools have access to scholarships:

The “Catholic Effect”

  • Attributes of students who attend Catholic school past grade 10:

  • More bonded to the church and involved as adults

  • More supportive of equality for women, aware of social justice issues

  • More discerning in moral issues, likely to oppose abortion

  • More generous, responsive to the poor

  • More likely to consider a vocation

  •  Brings kids closer to their faith during crucial adolescent years through prayer, mass, retreats, service and 4 years of theology

  • Private school students more likely to attain college degrees (Council for American Private Education, Feb. 2014)

Local Catholic High Schools

Catholic high schools are faith-based communities grounded in academic excellence. The Archdiocese of Chicago is blessed with 33 excellent Catholic high schools that nurture discipleship in our students, leading them to personal and collective transformation. The Archdiocese High School page allows you to search schools by geographic area.