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The St. Benedict Prep Secondary School operates on the House system, a take on the British School House system where all members of the secondary school are split into five Houses or divisions.  Think Harry Potter without the quidditch matches.  

This is an opportunity for a unified secondary school environment consistent with competition and loads of FUN!  House members work together over the course of the year to earn points through academic GPAs, attendance, skills competition, as well as a variety of other opportunities.  The Houses with the most points at the end of the year will have first pick of the possible rewards that are available ranging from  a trip to Great America to going bowling or having a lakefront picnic. 

All students in grades 6-12 are assigned to their House during the first week of school.  The Houses are named after saints from the religious order founded by St. Benedict: Bede House (Forest Green), Boniface House (Orange), Gregory House (Purple), Hilda House (Silver), and Scholastica House (Navy Blue).