St. Benedict Preparatory School Administration Team

Great schools require great leaders.  Great leaders know how to energize and inspire everyone to contribute to the successful creation of a school mission and culture. St. Benedict Preparatory School is blessed to have a TEAM of state-certified, Catholic-university-educated school administrators to lead SBPS through the 21st century landscape.  SBPS is the hallmark of a long-standing legacy of Catholic educational excellence at St. Benedict Parish, making it the sole remaining co-ed parochial Preschool through Grade 12 program in the Archdiocese of Chicago.  We value and honor this unique Preschool through Grade 12 program, and have intentionally created structures, roles and programs to fully realize all the benefits this model will provide students and families.
The Administration structure at St. Benedict Preparatory School employs a unique leadership model that differs from most Chicago Catholic schools. The Catholic educational mission of SBPS is the foundation for the reasons how and why we do what we do.


Fr. Steve Kanonik, our pastor, entrusts the operation of the school to our Head of Parish School (HOPS), Ms. Rachel Gemo.  Guided by our twenty member school advisory board, SBPS has moved forward in advancing its strategic plan: Reaching New Heights 2020 to ensure continued academic excellence.   Ms. Gemo directs the over 100 caring and mission-driven faculty and staff members who educate over 800 students.

In order for Ms. Gemo to lead this faculty and staff well, and still create a “personalized feel” for each family in a large, vibrant community, the administration team is divided as listed below.  This structure allows for the SBPS administration to focus on the unique social, emotional, and educational needs of the grade-level students whom they serve:



  • Head of Early Childhood (Preschool, Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten)
  • Head of Middle School (Grades 6-8)
  • Head of High School Transition (Grades 11-12)

Ms. Rachel Gemo, Head of Parish School (HOPS)


Prior to Ms. Gemo serving as the Head of Parish School and CEO of St. Benedict Preparatory School, she served as the principal of St. Benedict Elementary (Grades PS-8) from July 2003 through June 2010, thus making her total tenure at SBPS over 14 years.  Before serving as the principal here, she wore several professional hats at St. Ferdinand School on the northwest side of Chicago since the fall of 1996.  She taught middle school language arts, math, science, social studies and religion.  She also served as the middle school unit leader, the assistant principal and Confirmation teacher for 8th graders.  Additionally, Ms. Gemo has worked professionally as an adjunct instructor for DePaul University from September 2008 – May 2010.  She served as Student Teacher Supervisor, Student Teaching Capstone Teacher as well as taught Social Studies Teaching Methods at the graduate level. Ms. Gemo continues her professional development focusing on several areas such as inclusion education, technology integration, mission advancement and Catholic faith-formation.

Meet the rest of the Administration Team:

Check back to find bios for our Head of Middle School: Ms. Mary Deletioglu and our Head of High School Transition: Dr. Erika Mickelburgh.