The Buzz: St. Benedict Preparatory School Online Weekly Newsletter

Important Dates

  • August 23rd - Kindergarten Orientation (parents and student attend)
  • August 24th - First Day of Kindergarten
  • August 24th - Preschool Parent Orientation
  • August 30th - First Day of Preschool
  • August 31st - K-5 Back to School Night (parents only)

MORE INFORMATION MAY BE FOUND IN THE AUGUST PACKETS that may be picked up this coming week. 

In this section...

  • Quest Lunch menu and prices
  • RenWeb Update
  • Sick student guidelines

RenWeb Update

Renweb is a school communication system that will hold many facets of communication from SBPS to families (teacher newsletters, homework, calendars, tuition and lunch accounts, etc.)  Because this system is brand-new to us this school year, we want to be prudent in the information shared.  Some things are taking more time to prepare or set-up than anticipated.  We thank you for your patience.

Soon, most likely next week, Early Childhood and Elementary families will be invited to set up an account for thisportion of RenWeb.  When the invitation is shared, and the account is set up by a family, families can update contact information (email addresses, etc.) 

Teachers will make their email lists from the email addresses found in RenWeb, so it will be important to check that your information is up to date.  In the meantime, including this week, teachers will send home a hard copy of a newsletter, and in the transition time as well.  When RenWeb is up and running for Early Childhood, eventually all newsletters will move from paper copies to attachments on RenWeb. 

Quest Lunch Prices 

The Quest lunch menu (for PS & K-5, same menu this year) can be found on RenWeb.  To access the lunch menu on your RenWeb account...

  • Go to Student Information
  • at bottom of page, find :This Week's Lunch Menu (scroll by day)
  • -or- 
  • on the same page, find & click :LUNCH MENU & ORDERING
  • you will be brought to a calendar
  • you can choose a time frame of day/week/month
  • (the ordering portion is not set up yet)

At this time, students who purchase selections in the lunch room are billed to an account.  You may also choose to send in cash with your child, but please mark the envelope with name, amount and purpose of the money! 

Lunch Prices (Quest) - Kindergarten only (PS is included in tuition)

  • Milk $0.50
  • Bottled Water $0.50
  • Hot Lunch (includes choice of milk or water) $4.00
  • Power Lunch (includes choice of milk or water) $4.00
  • (Power Lunch is a bagged lunch with protein options like yogurt, fruit, etc.)

If your child is sick...

Please remember to call and inform the school secretary that your child is sick, and speak to our school nurse, Heather Perez, as well.  Your child MUST be fever-free for 24 hours before he/she can return to school.

Early Dismissal – Please note that each Tuesday pick-up is at 2:00, not 2:45 as it is the other days of the week.