Important Dates –

  • Friday, September 21st - Fun Run!!

    • Preschool Fun Run - 8:45 am

    • Kindergarten Fun Run - 12:30 pm

  • Friday, September 28th - No School - Professional Development Day

  • Friday, September 28th-Sunday, September 30th - Oktoberfest

  • Friday, October 5th - Grandparents and Grand-friends day - more info TBA

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  • Fall Club information

  • Preschool Picture Day info

  • Kindergarten Uniform Update

  • Baby & Kid Green Garage Sale

  • Preschool Pick-up information

  • Daisy Scouts Info for girls in Kindergarten

  • Kindergarten Medical Physical Requirements

  • How to Become an Approved Volunteer

  • Sick student guidelines

St. Benedict Preparatory School  GrandFriends Day 2018  

Friday, October 5, 2018 For Grandparents and Grand-Friends  

All Grandparents and Grand-Friends are invited to join us at this annual event on Friday, October 5, 2018 - a special day when our 

PK-Grade 5 families honor their GRANDPARENTS and GRAND-FRIENDS!

Session Times Below (new this year)

8:30-9:30 AM Preschool  

9:40-10:40 AM K & 1   

10:50 - 11:50 AM  Grades 2-5

(Parents and Guardians - please forward this information to guests as needed)

We hope this year's schedule will easily accommodate families that have children who are spread across Preschool through Grade 5.  We have simplified the day to ensure a positive experience for all our guests. 

 We hope that each child can have a Grandparent or Grand-Friend join us on this special day.  The word "grand-friends" builds on the theme of someone older and special and - well - just grand! If children don't have a grandparent, encourage them to invite an older friend, relative, or neighbor. We want all of our students to have someone special joining us this day if possible - the special person DOES NOT have to be a grandparent. 


What Grandparents and Grand-Friends Need to Know about this Special Day: 

  • Guests should arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before the start time, please.

  • Grandparents/grand-friends will need to wait until invited into the classroom.  Each hour session will include a classroom prayer service, a small snack and a grandchild/grandfriend activity to complete. 

  • All activities will be hosted in the classrooms. (There will be no activity in the GYM or Church).

  • There will be no Mass this year; there will be a short prayer service in the classroom. 

  • We will have student and adult ambassadors to help direct our guests to the correct classrooms. Parents are strongly suggested to let their guests know the name of the homeroom teacher/homeroom number for easy access to activities. Otherwise, there will be a short delay. 

  • Students will not be allowed to leave their regularly assigned classroom unless they are in the SAME grade level. If the grandchildren are in different grade levels, we have divided the day to help accommodate grandparent/friends time. Each classroom activity is also split in half so grandparents/friends can split their time appropriately. 

  • All PK, K and 1st grade classrooms are on the first floor. Grades 2 and 3 are on the second; Grades 4 and 5 are on the third floor. We do have an elevator for grandparents with mobility issues. Please see special directions below. 

  • See below for parking information. 

  • IMPORTANT: This year we are strongly discouraging grandparents/friends from taking their student out of school at the conclusion of the activity. If this is a must, please see directions below.    

Parking Information

Limited parking will be available in the parish courtyard lot. Guests may enter the courtyard through the driveway off of Bell Street, just south of Irving Park Road. If guests park on the street, please do not park on the school side of Leavitt, Byron, or Bell Streets. These are "no parking zones". We cannot guarantee that our guests won't be ticketed. Guests may park on the street opposite the school or on a neighboring street.  

Need Wheelchair Accessibility?  

Our school is wheelchair accessible via an elevator. If you need wheelchair assistance, please call the school office at 773-463-6797 and speak with Mrs. Carol Dodovich.

Having Your Child's Grandparent/Friend Take him/her Out for Early Dismissal? 

While we strongly discourage this, we will honor parents' requests. If you plan on your child's grandparent/friend to take your son or daughter out of school early, please email both your child's teacher and respective school secretary (either Cathy Nota or Carol Dodovich) to let them know this important information. If we do not have this information in writing from the parent, we will not release the student. 

For questions, please contact the appropriate Head of School:

Lower School (grades PK-3), Ms. Rachel Waldron at 

Upper School (Grades 4-5) Ms. Mary Deletioglu at

Fall Club Information

Most fall clubs for Kindergarten will start next week, September 10th and run for 8 weeks until November 2nd.  Fall clubs for preschool will begin during the week of September 17th and will run for 7 weeks until November 2nd.  Flyers for the clubs are linked below and were also sent home with students today.  If you have any questions, please reach out to the teacher who is running the club.


  • K-1 Art Club with Ms. Tarris - Click here for flyer

  • PS Five Senses Club with Ms. Hayes and Ms. Granitz - Click here for flyer


  • K Mad Science - Flyer in the office

  • K Chess - Flyer in the office

  • PS and K Super Soccer Stars - Click here for flyer


  • K-1 Building Club with Ms. Kelley - Click here for flyer


  • K-1 Healthy Kid Club with Ms. Kelley and Ms. Hyland - Click here for flyer

  • PS Little Chefs Club with Ms. Hayes and Mrs. Christy - Click here for flyer

Kindergarten Uniform Update

Black gym shoes are now allowed, please make sure that they are predominately black.  Also note that black gym shoes are not black dress shoes.  As of Tuesday September 4th, teachers will be contacting home if your child is not in compliance.  Let's work together to support your child in wearing the correct shoes.  Please note that Kindergarteners may wear gym shoes with both their PE uniform and their dress uniform.

Preschool Pick-Up Information

Please note that the pick-up times for preschool are as follows:

  • Half day pick-up (every day) - 12:20-12:30 pm

  • Full day pick-up (M, W, Th, F) - 2:45-3:00 pm

  • Full day pick-up (T) - 1:45-2:00 pm

During the half day pick up time, we ask that parents and care givers refrain from entering the building prior to 12:20.  This allows the teachers and students to fully participate in and finish lunch time.  It also allows all half day students to be picked up around the same time, not causing any students to worry, unnecessarily, about when their parent will be arriving.   



Looking ahead to the 2018-2019school year, please take a moment to ensure you have the medical forms required in order for your child to begin Kindergarten in August.  The forms are available on the school’s website for downloading to bring to your child's appointment (Click here). 

PLEASE SEE THE INFORMATION BELOW TO REVIEW ALL REQUIREMENTS AS PRESCRIBED BY ILLINOIS LAW. Students NOT meeting said requirements may not attend school until all obligations are fulfilled. PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THIS IMPORTANT STEP.


** Current exam must be completed after January 1, 2018

** Physician must sign all portions

** Parents must complete and sign the “Health History”

** The vaccination section must be completed by your healthcare provider. Please do not attach a separate document.

Medication at School?  If your child MUST take a medication during school hours you will need our medication packet, which includes forms to be completed by you and your child’s physician.  Please let Nurse Perez know if you need to complete a medication packet.  If your child needs to use an asthma inhaler, an “authorization for self-administration of asthma medication’ MUST BE on file before the first day of school.  Please contact Heather Perez at for a copy of this form.

Allergies?  If your child has a food allergy, please contact Heather Perez at  She will then have available for pick up an Individual Care Plan for you and your child’s physician to complete.

State of Illinois Physical and Immunization Requirements for Students Entering KINDERGARTEN

1.       HEALTH EXAMINATION – conducted within one year

  • Physical Exam – signed and dated by doctor

  • Immunizations – signed and dated by doctor

  • Medical History – filled out and signed by a parent

  • Physical Education –checked off by doctor

  • Mandatory Diabetes Risk Assessment


  • DPT – 4 or more doses – last booster after 4th birthday

  • Polio – 3 or more doses - last booster after 4th birthday

  • MMR – 2 doses – 1st dose after 12 months, 2nd dose no less than one month later

  • Varicella Vaccine/Chickenpox - on or after 1st birthday (or proof of disease and date documented by doctor)

3.      STATE REQUIRED LEAD ASSESSMENT QUESTIONNAIRE. FOR THOSE LIVING IN ZIP CODE 60456, A LEAD BLOOD TEST IS REQUIRED.  The health form must indicate the date the assessment/test was administered by your doctor.


5.      EYE EXAMINATION by an opthamologist – required by state law as of January 1, 2008.

6.      TUBERCULOSIS SKIN TEST (Mantoux type) – strongly recommended

Students not meeting the above requirements will be EXCLUDED from school.

How to Become and Approved Volunteer: Compliance Procedures for All Volunteers

The St. Benedict Prep community welcomes volunteers to help provide students with the best educational environment and opportunities possible.  We depend on family support to carry out our mission to inspire and cultivate a balance of faith, academic excellence, and individual talents in a diverse setting.

ALL VOLUNTEERS need to complete the following training and forms before they can volunteer for the school or parish events that involve positions of trust or working with children:

1.  Complete an online criminal background check.  CLICK HERE to begin the process. A few notes about the registration page: The access code is "protection"; choose "Archdiocese of Chicago", not "Religious Community...Volunteer."  Once the registration page is completed, a checklist of pages to complete will follow. All pages must be completed before you can submit the background screening.

2.  Attend Virtus/Protecting God's Children for Adults.  Go to, and select Registration on the left panel. Note: all participants must pre-register online to attend. Upon completion you will be given a certificate which should be turned in to the school.

3.  Read and sign the Code of Conduct form and turn in to the school.  CLICK HERE for a copy of the Code of Conduct form.

4.  Complete Child Abuse and Neglect Tracking Form (CANTS).  Return completed form to the school. CLICK HERE for a copy of the CANTS form.

We do not want to disappoint any potential volunteers or turn any volunteers away. If you have any questions, please contact either Mrs. Christine Clardy at or Ms. Rachel Gemo at You may also check with Mrs. Dodovich ( in the office to confirm that all your requirements are fulfilled to be a volunteer at SBPS, including being a chaperone on a field trip. 

If your child is sick...

Please remember to call and inform the school secretary that your child is sick, and speak to our school nurse, Heather Perez, as well.  Your child MUST be fever-free for 24 hours before he/she can return to school.

Early Dismissal – Please note that each Tuesday pick-up is at 2:00, not 2:45 as it is the other days of the week.