The Buzz: St. Benedict Preparatory School Online Weekly Newsletter

Important Dates

  • May 18th - Preschool Muffins with Mom 
  • May 23rd - Java with Gemo at 8:15
  • May 24th - HSA Ice Cream Social - 5:30-7:30 pm
  • May 25th - Mass at 8:30 for Ms. Hayes, Ms. Elliott and Ms. Gelfand's classes
  • May 28th - No School - Memorial Day
  • May 29th - Mass at 9:30 K-12 - Dress uniforms
  • May 30th - PS Field Trip to Lincoln Park Zoo
  • May 30th - Kindergarten Play Date and Info session
  • June 4th - Kindergarten Field Trip to Lincoln Park Zoo
  • June 5th - Kindergarten Picnic Day
  • June 5th - Last Day of Preschool - 12:20 Dismissal for all student - NO NAP, NO AFTERCARE
  • June 5th - Last Day of Kindergarten
  • June 6th - Kindergarten Promotion Ceremonies

In this section...

  • Benny's Best
  • Spring Club Info
  • Summer Camp Information and Registration - It's time to Register! 
  • Croup Information
  • Kindergarten Lunch Room Sign Up Genius
  • Box Tops Update
  • How to Become an Approved Volunteer
  • Quest Lunch menu and prices
  • Sick student guidelines

SBPS Celebrates the Week of the Young Child

THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our Week of the Young Child activities last week, we had such a fabulous time!  From open gym, to our Spanish Fiesta and our all K and all PS Masses, plus all of the fun activities the kids took part in throughout the week at school.  Our Early Childhood program is awesome and it was great to have a week dedicated to celebrating our youngest learners!

Here are a few pictures of the fun things we've been up to this week....


bennys best_gelfand 2018.jpg

Benny's Best -  Ms. Gelfand and Ms. Class's Class Rm 132

Just as in the elementary school, the preschoolers have been working hard on learning the school rules and procedures and have been learning the difference between 'green' (good) and 'red' (not so good) choices.  The students have learned what they need to do to respectful, responsible, ready and safe.  Each preschool class will have a turn to be recognized as "Benny's Best" and share with everyone how their class demonstrates those ideas.  

Respectful - We all try our best to be caring, helpful and good listener with our friends.  We do a great job using quiet feet in the hallways. 

Responsible - Everyone does their best to take care of the materials in our classroom. We always try our best with everything we do.    

Ready - Everyone checks in each morning and is ready to learn. Student show whole body listening during circle time.

Safe - We work hard to be safe at school every day! We use walking feet and keep our hands to ourselves. 

It's Time to Re-Enroll for 2018-19 School Year: Tuition Rates, Tuition Agreement and Tuition Assistance Application - Early Deadline is March 29th

It is time to RE-ENROLL your children for the coming school year, grades Preschool through Grade 12. As a part of our process, we like to give an update on school achievements as well as planning for the coming year. We share this information in a publication called The State of the School (click here). Please take time to read it when you can. Each year, as tuition increases, we like to share what we have been doing and what our plans are for the coming year so that you can feel confident about investing in a St. Benedict Catholic education for your child.

THIS YEAR YOU CAN ENROLL ELECTRONICALLY! New this year, online re-enrollment. Just use the links below to indicate your re-enrollment status. You can choose to send in your re-enrollment fee or we can bill you. You will indicate this in the electronic re-enrollment form. We are trying to make it quick and easy for you!

Re-Enrollment Form for Preschool or Kindergarten

THE ONLY THING YOU NEED TO COMPLETE AND SEND IN HARD COPY IS THE TUITION AGREEMENT. Please use the link in this email to print (CLICK HERE), complete and send in. Re-enrollment is not finalized until we receive your tuition agreement.

Need to apply for tuition assistance? Please use the link here (CLICK HERE) to print the scholarship application, and send in to school attention "Tuition Assistance." We will notify families in MAY 2018 regarding their award amount.



Elementary School Grades K-5

We hope you enjoy the State of the School Address, the ease of electronic re-enrollment, as well as all the documents you need to re-enroll. Please let us know if we can assist you with the re-enrollment process.Thank you for choosing St. Benedict Preparatory School for your family.

Spring Clubs

Below are the flyers for Spring Clubs.  Clubs will begin the week of April 16th and conclude on June 1st.  Please note that no club registration will be accepted before April 10th.


  • Tuesday - Super Soccer Stars - Session full


  • Monday - K-1 Art Club with Ms. Tarris - Click here for flyer
  • Tuesday - Super Soccer Stars - Click here for flyer
  • Wednesday - K-1 Little Baker's Club with Ms. Kelley and Ms. O'Daniel - CLUB FULL
  • Thursday - K-1 Building Club with Ms. Kelley - Click here for flyer
  • Friday - K-1 Star Wars Club with Ms. Tarris and Ms. Kraig - Click here for flyer


Have your Child Spend His/Her Summer with Us!  Summer Camp Registration is NOW OPEN 

  • Themed - based creative and exploratory camps for Grades Preschool - Grade 2 
  • Athletic Camps for grades 1-8 
  • Summer Vacation Bible School - SHIPWRECKED 
  • Jump into Kindergarten with Ms. Tarris 


Chicago Parent_Summer Camp Edition_ 2018.jpg

Please Monitor for CROUP in Your Children 

We are seeing higher than normal incidences of CROUP in our preschool and kindergarten. Since our children share a lot of common spaces throughout the campus, we feel it is important to let all parents know to be on the look out for signs/symptoms of this highly contagious cough. 

What are the symptoms of a croup? Croup is caused primarily by a parainfluenza virus. Symptoms include a cough that is tight, low-pitched, and barky (like a barking seal). The voice or cry may be hoarse (laryngitis) and the child may make a harsh, raspy sound when breathing in (stridor). Loud or continuous stridor noises may indicate severe croup. Croup usually lasts 5–6 days and is often worse at night.

How is croup spread? Similar to colds, croup is easily spread from person-to-person through the air by coughing or sneezing. Surfaces and hands contaminated with nose, mouth, or throat secretions may also spread viruses that cause croup.

How is a croup treated? Parents should always consult with their child’s healthcare provider for treatment recommendations. Home care advice often includes using a humidifier, fever management, observation during sleep, and avoiding tobacco smoke.

How do you control the spread? Make sure adults and children wash hands frequently and thoroughly. Antibacterial soap is not necessary; use plenty of plain liquid soap and warm water. Teach children to cover their noses and mouths with a tissue or their arm when coughing or sneezing. When using a tissue, wash hands well afterwards. Avoid touching the eyes, mouth, or nose. Clean and disinfect commonly touched surfaces frequently. Exclusion of children with croup from school and childcare is generally not necessary. However, if the child is too sick to participate in normal activities, they should be kept at home.

Kindergarten Lunch Room Volunteers

We love to have approved volunteers come and help out during Kindergarten lunch and recess.  Click here to read our guidelines and expectations for lunch and recess volunteers.

Click here to sign up for lunch and recess duty on our Sign Up Genius.

Box Tops Update

We have $625 in our account from the final submission made last year which will be paid in December (Thanks again to Virginia Oviedo Fiske for her clipping and bagging on that!) and we have a goal to collect $1500 more this year. We need $750 in fall and $750 in spring to achieve this goal. 

The fall submission is due November 1. I will be posting reminders in the Buzz to clip and bag and drop your submission in either robot (in room across from Mrs. D in the elementary building and in the PK building foyer) for the next 6 weeks. Please make every effort to clip them from the box (if you don't I have to) and to put them in a plastic baggie that closes at the top (not fold over).  We have to submit the clipped BoxTops in baggies of 50 and we reuse what you provide (another savings!).  No clipping contest this fall, so submit as you go.  We will be working on a replacement for our elementary school robot--stay tuned for updates!  

How to Become and Approved Volunteer: Compliance Procedures for All Volunteers

The St. Benedict Prep community welcomes volunteers to help provide students with the best educational environment and opportunities possible.  We depend on family support to carry out our mission to inspire and cultivate a balance of faith, academic excellence, and individual talents in a diverse setting.

ALL VOLUNTEERS need to complete the following training and forms before they can volunteer for the school or parish events that involve positions of trust or working with children:

1.  Complete an online criminal background check.  CLICK HERE to begin the process. A few notes about the registration page: The access code is "protection"; choose "Archdiocese of Chicago", not "Religious Community...Volunteer."  Once the registration page is completed, a checklist of pages to complete will follow. All pages must be completed before you can submit the background screening.

2.  Attend Virtus/Protecting God's Children for Adults.  Go to, and select Registration on the left panel. Note: all participants must pre-register online to attend. Upon completion you will be given a certificate which should be turned in to the school.

3.  Read and sign the Code of Conduct form and turn in to the school.  CLICK HERE for a copy of the Code of Conduct form.

4.  Complete Child Abuse and Neglect Tracking Form (CANTS).  Return completed form to the school. CLICK HERE for a copy of the CANTS form.

We do not want to disappoint any potential volunteers or turn any volunteers away. If you have any questions, please contact either Mrs. Christine Clardy at or Ms. Rachel Gemo at You may also check with Mrs. Dodovich ( in the office to confirm that all your requirements are fulfilled to be a volunteer at SBPS, including being a chaperone on a field trip. 

Quest Lunch Prices 

The Quest lunch menu (for PS & K-5, same menu this year) can be found on RenWeb.  To access the lunch menu on your RenWeb account...

  • Go to Student Information
  • at bottom of page, find :This Week's Lunch Menu (scroll by day)
  • -or- 
  • on the same page, find & click :LUNCH MENU & ORDERING
  • you will be brought to a calendar
  • you can choose a time frame of day/week/month
  • (the ordering portion is not set up yet)

At this time, students who purchase selections in the lunch room are billed to an account.  You may also choose to send in cash with your child, but please mark the envelope with name, amount and purpose of the money! 

Lunch Prices (Quest) - Kindergarten only (PS is included in tuition)

  • Milk $0.50
  • Bottled Water $0.50
  • Hot Lunch (includes choice of milk or water) $4.00
  • Power Lunch (includes choice of milk or water) $4.00
  • (Power Lunch is a bagged lunch with protein options like yogurt, fruit, etc.)

If your child is sick...

Please remember to call and inform the school secretary that your child is sick, and speak to our school nurse, Heather Perez, as well.  Your child MUST be fever-free for 24 hours before he/she can return to school.

Early Dismissal – Please note that each Tuesday pick-up is at 2:00, not 2:45 as it is the other days of the week.