House MS Service Day details for Friday Sept. 27th

We are so excited to hold our first House MS Service Day on Friday, September 27th

Uniform for Service Day

Uniform bottoms (not gym uniform) and their HOUSE t-shirt for Service Day. If you are in BONIFACE ONLY: Wear your PE uniform shorts as well.

Schedule of the Day 

  • Homeroom 8:00-8:10 (10 min.)  

  • Prayer Service 8:10-8:40 (30 min.)

  • House Locations 8:40-8:50 (10 min.)

  • Service Activities 8:50-10:50 (120 min.) *Service Activities differ per House (Table 1)

  • House Locations, Review of afternoon 12:00-12:10 (10 min.) 

  • First House Rotation 12:15-12:47 (32 min.)  *See (Table 2)

  • Second House Rotation 12:50-1:22 (32 min.)  

  • Third House Rotation 1:25-1:57 (32 min.)  

  • Fourth House Rotation 2:00-2:32 (32 min.)  

  • Fifth House Rotation 2:35-3:07 (32 min.) 

  • Homerooms 3:10-3:16 (6 minutes) 

Service  Activities per House 

Hilda - Packing up books for donation to Our Lady of Snows 

Boniface - Repainting the activity supports in the courtyard

Bede - Creating lunch and hygiene kits for the impoverished 

Scholastica - Assisting in the education of our youth and teachers 

Gregory - Creating Project Linus blankets for hospitalized children in need of comfort 

Rotation Guest Speaker Topics

Catholic Social Teaching  

Music Ministry Workshop  

Religious Vocational Service 

Serving youth and adults on the margins  

Portfolio Reflection