RENWEB Info for Parents

RenWeb is LIVE again for the 2019-20 School Year

This is Our Family and Student Information System

Get Connected TODAY!

We are pleased to let parents and guardians know that RenWeb - our Family and Student information system - is now live for the 2019-20 school year. This information portal will allow families to have access to information regarding their children's and school's information.

***PLEASE NOTE that if you receive a message that your family account cannot be accessed or is disabled, there may be a hold on your family's account because there is missing paperwork, medical forms, tuition forms or there is a financial hold. Please contact the school to determine the issue. Thanks!

*** ALSO PLEASE NOTE - the Family Directory will go live mid-September. Please see below for information on how to change preferences on what is published in the family directory for your specific family. The system defaults to all contact information available. Please update by September 10, 2019. We'd like to have the Family Directory go live by September 16th. See information below regarding the Family Directory and directions for changing information.

One portal - one password per user. RenWeb makes it simple.

Please view this video to learn more. You'll need a password to view it:



What Information Can Parents Access on RenWeb?

Here is just some of the information parents can access:

  • Daily Grades (Grades 6-8)

  • Progress Reports(will be emailed this year)

  • Report Cards(Grades 6-8)

  • Daily Classroom Topics

  • Discipline (Grades 6-8)

  • Nurse Visits and Medical Information

  • Homework Assignments

  • Missing Assignments (Grades 6-8)

  • School Calendar

  • School Announcements

  • Staff and School Directory

  • Family Directory (will go live mid-September)

  • Family Account Balances through FACTS

  • Lunch Balances (through FACTS) and Menus

  • Teacher Email Addresses

  • Teacher Websites

  • Other Useful School Information

How Can Parents Learn More?

Click here to view a Parent Introduction overview

There are directions to sign up for RenWeb.

All families are expected to sign up - this will be the main communications portal for all school families.

There is also an "App" for RenWeb that parents can use for mobile devices. We encourage you to download it on your mobile device.

If you experience SIGN UP or LOG IN problems:

If your family's account has not been enabled - it may be due to having missing paperwork or health forms that were required to be submitted by the first day of school. Please contact the school office, the tuition office or the school nurse to see if you need to turn in paperwork. Also, if you just registered in the past three business days, your family may not yet be entered into RENWEB.

If you are having other problems regarding SIGN UP, please email Rachel Gemo at for assistance. We need to have a valid, active email account on file for each parent/guardian user.


See some quick tips to access information below:

Accessing information on RenWeb...

To find the Newsletter: click on "Classes" tab, then select "Homeroom", click on "Resources" tab (newsletter will be labeled with the date it was uploaded)

To find Daily Class Objectives/Homework: click on "Classes", then select desired class, select "Lesson Plans" or "Homework" tab to find information

Updating Family Information in RenWeb

If you haven't updated your family information in RenWeb, please do so at any time. This is a step by step guide how to update your family's information.

Go to and log in.

1) Once you have created an account and logged in, please click on the WEB FORMS link under the "School Information" section on the left hand side of the screen.

2) Click on Family Demographic Form. You will see the following links:

Student Demographic Form

Student Medical Form

Custodial Parent Forms (one for EACH custodial parent)

Emergency Contacts

Transportation Permission

Grandparent Information

We ask parents to complete these forms as much as possible. Whenever there is a change in any information, parents should update their information here. It will transfer the information immediately for school faculty and staff (those given permission to view it). If you are unable to update the information in your RenWeb forms on your own, please email the correct information to your respective school secretary:

Preschool and Kindergarten - Cathy Nota at

Elementary School - Carol Dodovich at

Middle School (Grades 6-8) Kathy Moore at

3) Be sure to hit SAVE at the bottom of each page.

Family Directory Access

1) Log in at

2) Under "School Information" click on "directory"

3) The directory will show up there. Users may choose between families or staff. You may also choose parent or student when looking up information

4) Use the search feature to narrow down by class or grade level

5) To access the parent email (if published) click on the name (underlined items indicate a hyperlink).

6) To change your personal information in the directory or to make items private, please see the directions below in the third section of this email.

7)The information contained in the school directory is for private, school-related purposes only. They should NOT be used for professional, work-related or business promotion. Please respect our school families' information and privacy.

Family Directory Options

Each family's information will be included in the family directory. This directory will be accessible by any SBPS parent who has a RenWeb log in. This information is ONLY published from the Custodial Parents' information. People who are not school parents/guardians will NOT have access to this database. This family directory should be used responsibly and only for school business. This should not be used for business solicitations or fundraising without the consent and permission of the school administration.

How to Indicate Family Directory Preferences:

1) For EACH Custodial Parent - please scroll down to the bottom of each parent's page. Indicate YES or NO on all the items that are available for directory publication.

2) Be sure to hit the save button!

3) To access the go to SCHOOL INFORMATION and click on "directory." You can filter and search through the entire school directory (whatever parents decide to publish) for grades PK-8.

Important - the DEFAULT for the directory is to publish ALL PARENT/GUARDIAN Contact information. If you do not want information published in the directory, PLEASE make these changes are made.

If you have any questions, please email Rachel Gemo at