Fun Run 2019 is happening on Thursday, September 26th!

What is the Fun Run?

The Fun Run is the annual fundraiser for the St. Benedict Home and School Association (HSA). Beginning in mid-September, students will collect pledges, participate in character building exercises, and earn prizes and treats as they prepare for the event. Then on Thursday, September 26, all St. Ben’s students will paricipate in the Fun Run, running laps in the school courtyard to raise funds for the school as parents, friends, teachers, and staff cheer them on!

How does the Fun Run help the school?

The HSA will use proceeds from the Fun Run to provide classroom Improvements, curriculum enhancements, teacher appreciation gifts and initiatives, and community building events for students and families all year long.

How can YOU support the Fun Run?

Pledge: Support your student with pledges and spread the word to friends and family - DETAILS TO COME.

Volunteer: The HSA will be seeking parent volunteers to help on the day of the event.

Cheer: Come to the St. Ben’s courtyard on September 26 to cheer on your student!