Parent Coaches Needed for School ACADEMIC Teams

We have parents who graciously give of their time, talent and energy to coach athletic programs like basketball, volleyball and track. With assistance from parents, we are able to field many teams and allow our children to grow physically and be a part of a team. This year, we’d like to offer “academic coaching” opportunities to our parents as well. So maybe basketball is not your “thing,” but math, science or technology is? What about writing, spelling bee, geography bee, speech or trivia? We are considering starting academic teams for different content areas, but need coaches to run practices and attend competitions with students. Most opportunities are in the middle school grades, but some teams also go to the elementary school grades. And don’t feel like you have to do this alone. Ask a parent who you know well and discuss being coaches together. Or, let Ms. Gemo know you are interested in coaching and she’ll try to match you up with another parent coach.

Interested? If so, email Ms. Gemo at Please email her directly and let her know what content areas/grade levels you are interested in doing. We already have 6th grade Scholastic Bowl and 5th grade Math Team lined up. Please know that reaching out to Ms. Gemo does not obligate you to anything. She’ll walk you through some ideas and concepts to consider. We have bright students here who can rise to the challenge! Why not give academic coaching a chance? It is a great way to boost our school children.