Do Your Children Need an Academic Jump Start?

The students have been off school for almost a month now, and perhaps you are looking for some activities to get their brains thinking a bit besides the Read Around the Block program? Remember, students iXL accounts are still active and these give students some great practice in both MATH and Language Arts! Don’t forget that most primary levels also have RAZZKIDS accounts to help the students practice reading comprehension. It is also suggested that students practice word-processing on It’s a good way to have students keep up their keyboarding skills.

Creative writing and journal writing are also effective ways for students to engage their brains - and it can be done without technology. It can happen in a car, in a hotel room, plane, etc.

Here is a great site for parents to use for summer journal prompts: CLICK HERE

Is science something that excites your child? Check out this website for fun and easy activities to do at home with your children CLICK HERE