Thank You to Faculty and Staff for Your Service

We’d like to thank the faculty who will not be joining us next year for their service. Please keep them in your prayers as they move out of the area or move on to the next paths. I’d especially like to thank Mr. Doug Rosskamm, Ms. Colleen Fahrenbach and Ms. Maggie Deady - our dedicated high school staff - who stayed for the very last year of the high school to see our seniors through to the end. They could have moved on earlier, but decided to stay, taking a gamble on their own futures. I am so grateful for their service. Their presence truly helped us end the high school on a positive note. And God has been good to them as well in return - Ms. Deady and Ms. Fahrenbach both were offered great new positions at other Catholic schools, and Mr. Rosskamm gets to retire and travel. God bless!

Thank you to the other members of our staff who are also moving on to new places and positions next year: Beth Gelfand, Stephen Joseph, Shagufta Khatoon, Damian Marshall, Roland Morgen, Katrina O'Malley, Haley Roman, Aida Sinka, Jenna Stamper, and Dr. Karen Heaton Walsh. God bless your new endeavors.