Field Day for Grades 1-7 is Tuesday, June 11

The following FIELD DAY has been planned for your child’s class. Please note the necessary information and return the permission slip by the date noted below. Thank you.

 Date of trip: Tuesday, June 11, 2019   Destination: Revere Park 

Time of departure from school: 9AM (gr. 1-5)  and 11AM (grades 6&7)

Time of arrival back at school: 1-1:30PM (remember early dismissal at 2PM)  

Mode of transportation: walking, escorted by teachers and chaperones 

Lunch: Bring brown bag lunch & drink 

Dress: Designated GRADE LEVEL COLORS (see below) - wear school PE shorts or sweatpants; wear PE shoes  

Parents and students should keep the following in mind: 

  • Bring a snack and a sack lunch and plenty of water, preferably food items that won’t spoil on a hot day 

  • Wear GRADE LEVEL COLOR SHIRT (please see below), gym shoes and socks (for your child’s protection, please no sandals and bare feet) 

  • Students should wear school uniform/Lands End issued shorts

  • Bring an extra pair of socks! 

  • Student may want to bring a blanket/beach towel to sit on (share with friend?) 

  • Please apply sunscreen before school and TEACH your child how to apply it appropriately/completely. Staff and volunteers should not be applying sunscreen on students.  

  • Bring a jacket/sweatshirt in case it is cold; or sunscreen if it will be hot and sunny 

  • No out of uniform passes will be honored this day.

Bring appropriate balls, toys, etc.: 

Allowed items-nerf/foam type balls, kick balls, wiffle balls, books, jump ropes, tennis rackets/balls and the like.  

Items NOT allowed from home: bikes, skateboards, wooden bats, baseball/softballs, hard balls of any kind, water balloons, squirt guns, radios/electronics of any kind, including cell phones, money and valuable items. If you are not sure if an item is allowable, please ask. 

Students leaving early need to be signed out with homeroom teacher. Parents would need to pick up child(ren) at Revere Park.  

Please do not bring water balloons/toys from home. Students are not allowed to bring water balloons or fill water balloons at the park. Additionally, for your child’s safety, no student is allowed to bring money or purchase items from park vendors.  Students should be capable of carrying their own items. It is suggested that parents pack a backpack or bag for younger children. 

We are assigning SHIRT COLORS by grade level. They can be t-shirts of any kind as long as the images/words are appropriate for a Catholic school. This will help us distinguish the grade level of our children with ease.  

First Grade - Green  

Second Grade – Red  

Third Grade – Blue  

Fourth Grade – Yellow 

Fifth Grade is – Gray (PE Shirt is acceptable)  

Middle School – students may come in PE uniforms  

PLEASE RETURN SLIP by: Monday, June 4th, 2018

Permission Slip will be sent home with students or CLICK here to download