Day at the Dunes - Tuesday May 14th

We have our Fun Run Incentive Trip to the Indiana Dunes with the Middle School students next Tuesday, May 14th.  If you haven’t turned in your child’s permission slip, click here and turn it in on Monday.

We are set to leave at 8:15 am and will be back on campus at 3:15 pm. Pick up at secondary school main office. Please note that our dismissal time on this day is later than typical.

  • Time: 8:15 - 3:15 pm
    Students MUST bring a bagged lunch. They are welcome to bring additional snacks.

  • Dress Attire: St. Benedict Spirit Wear, Gym/Walking Shoes, Dress for the weather

  • Students have been encouraged to bring the following:

    A beach towel, sunscreen, a book to read, notebook to draw in as well as balls and frisbees. It is their day, encourage them to bring activities that they would want to do. This is a field day for students. No water toys, please!

We will have some activities for students to do on hand as well such as capture the flag, flag football, volleyballs, building sand castles as well as teacher-led walks/hikes.

Additionally, please remind your children to bring their inhalers and epi-pens with them.  If they have allergies, please remind them to take their medication before we head out for the day.   Please note that Nurse Perez will be attending the day with us as well.