Protégé program Offers Students Outside Class

As St. Benedict Preparatory School wraps up its Catholic high school educational ministry, we recently celebrated our final Protégé Internship program students.

The mission of the Protégé program is to immerse students in an experience outside of the classroom that will enrich their education and provide them with critical career insights.

The event recognized the accomplishments of the 10 Protégé participants in this third trimester internship program. This year, Protégé students received a total of $3.5M in merit-based scholarships.

Sylvester Pydych (class of 2014), the keynote speaker, gave heart-felt, inspirational remarks. Mr. Pydych, who recently earned an MBA from Loyola University, shared how the impact of a St. Ben's education led to his success.

"I remember five years ago, I was seated in the same place you are all now. I was both excited and nervous, but most of all: confident," Pydych said. "Confident in the sense that I was well-prepared in my studies and confident that I was well-prepared to work with others and learn new skills that would not only help me at work but with all my interactions with other people."

A special thanks to Mrs. Hybinette and Mr. Rosskamm, who coordinated and led the program, as well as donors Kelly Halper, Linda Krier, Larry Mastin and Doug Rosskamm, who provided stipends for the students.