Family Testimonial

“St. Benedict Prep School is a community of caring students, teachers and parents. Our children have attended school here since PK and are now in 5th and 4th grades. 
It’s never ceased to amaze me how much the teachers and administration put into making this community, the kids' experience and education here the best. 
Every year I see proof of this effort - from the new STEM lab and the Creative Media Center, to the focus on technology and innovation into the curriculum, to the new enrichment programs. All on top of an already robust offering of classes and extra-curricular programs.
I can personally attest to the truth behind the school motto “our passion is the best possible you”. It’s this passion that lives in everyone - parents and students included - that fuels this school and its relentless drive to excellence. 
I’m proud of the compassionate, kind, driven people my kids have become and give a lot of credit to the school. There is so much more than academics being taught here!”

Julie Rothweiler