Congratulations to Our Upper School MATHLETES! SBPS Team placed 1st over all for Division 6 competition

Sixteen 5th grade students and 24 Middle School Student Participated in Thursday’s math competition. Our Bengal Mathletes did very well!

5th graders Winnie Nutkowitz earned 1st place and Ava Stern received 2nd place. In 6th grade- Peter Roarty received 1st place and Maddie Farrell earned 2nd place. SBPS won the Division 6 Championship, which means our school scored the highest among all of the middle school teams there. 

Plus, many of our 5th graders are state qualifiers:

  1. Zach Buchar

  2. Ava Stern

  3. Grace Balzarini

  4. Nick Betzen

  5. Fiona Burke

  6. Claire Duman

  7. Naomi Morelos

  8. Winnie Nutkowitz

  9. Amara Patras

  10. Kate Radich

  11. Teddy Trout