A Message about Confirmation from Dan Hughes, Director of Catechesis

I am posting to remind you of some upcoming dates.  I am also sending links to some videos you can watch with your child at home to discuss the Sacrament.  If you were unable to attend the previous Confirmation Meeting, please spend some time watching and discussing these videos. It is helpful to discuss their journey as well as to witness to your own experience.

  • Sponsor Interviews were due on January 28th.  Please check to see if your child has completed and turned it in. An email will go out to those who are missing this once this past weekends have been processed. It is helpful to remind them that although they may have completed something, if it has not turned in, we will continue to mark it as incomplete in our records.

  • By February 25th the final 15 Service Hours are due, as well as the Letter to Fr. Kanonik asking to be recommended to Bishop Manz for Confirmation. 

  • Sunday, March 24th is the Confirmation Retreat/Reflection Day. This begins at 3 pm and concludes with 6:30 pm Mass.  Further details regarding drop off,  pickup, etc. will be provided.

  • Confirmation Rehearsal is on Wednesday, March 27th, at 7 pm in the Church.  Allow until 8 pm for rehearsal.

  • Confirmation is on Thursday, March 28th, at 7 pm in the Church.  They will need to arrive by 6:30 pm to prepare.

  • As always, further reminders will be provided and anything you need is available in printable form on our website at https://parish.stbenedict.com/teen-adult-confirmation

Below are links to further resources to aid you as a family as you continue to prepare.