School Emergency Protocol Lingo

In an effort to help parents/guardians understand the various emergency/school safety protocol terminology, I’m defining a few of the recent “buzz” words so everyone understands the lingo we use at SBPS in the event your child mentions something to you. I hope these definitions help.

Lock down - we would use this in the event of an active weapons situation, hostile intruder or if we suspected someone entered the campus without proper clearance and we cannot locate this person. This is the highest of all alerts. In this situation, we would activate our Blue Point system.

Soft lock down - we would use this in a situation where we would want all the students/faculty to “stay put” in their locked classrooms until an internal or external event concluded. We’ve used this protocol before mostly when we needed to call an ambulance for a serious medical situation. We do this so medical first responders can move through the building unimpeded as well as for the dignity of the person receiving medical attention. We also do this so young children aren’t exposed to something that may frighten them in this kind of medical situation. We would also use a soft lock down if there was an immediate serious/hostile threat in the area.

Lock Out - we would use this protocol if there is an event in the area that is serious enough that we would want all students to remain indoors and there would be extra vigilance needed monitoring the campus, exits and visitors to the campus. Students/faculty would otherwise go about their day, switching classes, etc. They would just not go outside for recess, PE, church, etc.

Evacuation - we may need to evacuate the school for one of many reasons. The teachers have been trained on where to go in an evacuation and we have predetermined locations available to us if we need to evacuate the campus for an extended period of time.

Severe Weather Protocol - this is exactly what it sounds like. If severe weather threatens, we have a protocol to keep students/faculty safe.

Those are the biggies, but we have a variety of other safety protocols that we practice/have in place. We spend quite a bit of time during the year practicing various drills and conducting student/teacher education.