Senior Defense Projects: Important!

Every year we ask our graduating seniors to reflect on their past years of high school concentrating on their growth as a well-rounded student.  We ask them to examine their relationships with others both in their school and their community, their ability to express themselves, how they discover and construct answers, and how they think critically.  We lead the students through a series of individual and group activities where they meditate and discuss their growth in positive and constructive ways.  Each week we add to the activities until they have completed the final project, a video recording of them explaining their growth.  

Each student is guided completely by a team of teachers and encouraged to show their growth in a way that reflects who they are as a person.  Completed Senior Defenses are due Monday, February 11.  The Senior Defense is a graduation requirement and if a students work does not meet the requirements for the completed project we will continue to work with the student until it is fully complete.  We encourage you to discuss this activity with your student and experience the reflective process with them.  We are proud of the growth of all our students and we look forward to their Senior Defenses.