NPR Student Podcast Challenge For Grades 5-12

We are very excited to participate in a national contest by National Public Radio (NPR) for students grades 5-12 to create podcasts of topics that are of personal interest to them. We're inviting all St. Benedict students grades 5-12 to participate. (Participation is voluntary. Students will not create podcasts during school hours.)

A few details:

- The range of possible topics is quite broad: something students learned recently or are learning now; a topic in the news on which they have a strong interest; a sport or hobby they have passion for; details of a relationship they'd like to share; their thoughts on a moment in history; something kids understand and grownups don't; a debate showing both sides of an issue, how students want to change in the world, etc. See details here: NPR Student Podcast Challenge.

- Students will need signed parent consent to participate.

Podcasts must be three to 12 minutes long. 

- Students won't need any special equipment. Marketing & Communications and Technology can help coordinate podcasts. 

- NPR offers help for students and teachers along the way.

- The contest is open until March 31. Winners will be publicly announced April 23.

- The NPR panel of judges will pick two winners: one from grades five through eight and one from grades nine through 12.

- Participants will need approval from parents.

- Please see the contest rules for details.