Middle School Aftercare

Open to all students in grades 6-8! 

In order to best support the many diverse needs of the middle school students while managing a greater level of independence and responsibility, we have organized the afternoon in a way that allows a balance between school work, peer interactions, and free time. 

All students in grades 6-8 who stay at school past 3:30PM will be required to attend the middle school extended care in rooms 335/ 337 (FLEX space). Students in the 6-8 extended care will have the opportunity to work on their homework, receive studying help from teachers, play games with peers, as well as enjoy open free time.  

  • Middle School Extended Care will be located in Rooms 335/ 337 (FLEX space).

  • A teacher will be present to help with homework and supervise.

  • On Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, two teachers will be present in aftercare to help provide additional academic support.

  • There is an option to just attend academic support on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 3:30 - 4:30pm and the cost will be $10.

  • If your child stays after for after care they will be charged the additional $5 which will equate to the total cost of aftercare i.e $15.

  • Cost is $15 per day/ $25 for 2 children.

  • 3:15-6:00PM Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

  • 2:15-6:00PM Tuesday

  • Enter through 3911 N. Bell for pick up and check in with desk and sign out. Your child will be called to come down.

  • Snacks will NOT be provided. Your child may bring a snack or purchase a snack from the vending machines.

  • It is your child’s responsibility to check in within 10 minutes after dismissal.

  • Students must remain in the extended care room until they are picked up or a parent communicates with the teacher on duty that their child may head to practice or walk home.

  • Parents MUST grant permission each day for their child to walk home alone or to a sport game/practice and specify the time they should leave.

  • Students not picked up by 6:05PM will incur a $1/minute fine.

  • Students not picked up by 6:30PM will not be allowed to attend for a period of 2 weeks.

  • Students waiting for a band lesson after school may wait in aftercare until 3:50PM without being charged.

  • The tuition office (Mr. Ben Mazzone) will charge your account for aftercare dates attended.

If an unforeseen circumstance comes about and you need to direct your child to head to aftercare, please contact the school office, 773-539-0066, and alert us of the situation. 

Should you have any questions, please contact Ms. Mary Deletioglu, Head of Upper School, at mdeletioglu@stbenedict.com