Our 2018-19 Annual School Fund Surpassed the $188,000 Mark! Thank you to all our donors!


Thank you to all our donors! Please visit our campaign site to donate online!

Thanks to all the families who donated this week helping us to be almost 85% of the way to our goal of $225,000!!! Thank you for helping us raise almost $189K! Please remember that your gift may be doubled to the school if you work for a matching gift employer. If you need assistance with the request to your HR department please feel free to contact Mr. Accardi for assistance with filling out any necessary forms by calling 773.509-3832 or via email at jaccardi@stbenedict.com.

Please watch our THANK YOU VIDEO.

Thank you to all our families who contributed to the Annual School Fund this year!



Joe and Alexandria Accardi

Benjamin and Kathryn Albrecht

Jeff and Jennifer Aldridge

Julie Allen

Temesgen and Elsa Andeberhan

Alexander Angeles and Maxine Bacerdo

Claudia & Thomas Anzur

Robert and Rebecca Armbruster

Nicholas and Christine Asvos

Colin and Jeanette Aylward

Anastasios and Tonya Bakritzes

Christopher and Julie Balzarini

Richard and Kathryn Barnaby

the Barnes Family

Dylan & Jennifer Barrett

Eric and Amy Bauer

Annie and Matthew Beach

Michael and Nancy Beebe

Michael & Melanie Behling

Tim & Megan Biggam

Megan Birschbach

Lazar and Wilma Bityou

Mike & Michelle Blose

Ryan and Antonella Bolton

Kurt and Carrie Breitlander

John and MaryJo Brown

Kevin and Kathleen Buchar

Jim and Molly Buczynski

Werner and Laura Buol

Thomas and Laura Burns

Lance and Sarah Calamita

Todd and Maureen Carr

Todd and Maureen Carr - Matching Gift

Brendan and Jessica Carter

the Centers Family

Michael Claffey

Jeffrey and Alena Cloud

Shawn and Patty Colgan

Padraic & Siobhan Connolly

the Cusick Family

Timothy and Gabriela Dace

Neil and Tina DeBrass

Erin & John DiCapo

the Dilling Family

German Dominguez and Holly Halter

Ed & Indira Doran

Angela Duke

Angela Duke - Matching Gift

Michael and Julie Dzamba

Paul and Holly Edlund

the Eggering Family

Ben and Julie Eichenseer

Matthew and Christine Elliott

the Evans Family

Bret and Anna Faford

Donal and Elizabeth Falls

Jesus Farfan and Amanda Saenz

Darianne and Daniel Farley

the Ferguson Family (Marvin, Amanda, Bailey & Reed)

Victor Fernandez and Griselda Castillo

David and Andrea Field

Filip and Jamie Filipovic

Ahmad and Rebeccah Filsoof

Brian and Elizabeth Finn

Gregory and Martha Firestone

Jake and Emily Fisher

the Fiske Family

Alicia Fitzgerald

Edward and Christine Fleming

Walter and Sara Furie

Alex and Elizabeth Galiano

Patrick and Anna Gallagher

Martina Gavigan

the Gerlach Family

Kelly Glenn Colpoys & Mark Colpoys

John and Tracey Glibowski

David Goetz

Robert and Lindsey Gorman

Adam and Laura Graff

Chris and Tricia Graff

Garrett and Jennifer Greeby

Shane and Chindaly Griffith

Adam and Jennifer Grimm

Therese & Jim Grohman

Dan and Melissa Guilfoyle

William and Christina Hardin

Kevin and Mary Elizabeth Hare

Michael and Iris Hart

Chris and Paige Harvey

Becky and Jim Hauman

Becky and Jim Hauman - Matching Gift #1

Becky and Jim Hauman- Matching Gift #2

Paul and Karen Hawk

Jim and Megan Heneghan

Christopher and Vanya Hession

Christopher & Nicole Hill

Ben and Jenny Hoban

Mike and Molly Hofmann

The Hortatsos Family

Benjamin and Anna Householder

Heather Hurst

Timothy Irwin and Megan Bouche'

Michael and Lori Jarvis

Jared and Sherene Jodrey

Matthew and Amanda Johnson

Julie Josler

Stephanie Keenan

Mark and Heather Keldahl

Brandon and Susan Kennedy

Molly Kennedy

Brian and Angela Kerr

Mercy and Jim Kerrigan

Jukka and Barbara Ketonen

Ronald and Kimberly Kinn

Bryan and Suzy Kirkland

Bryan and Suzy Kirkland - Matching Gift

Brian & Molly Klucznik

Joshua and Michelle Knight

Dan & Janice Knuckey

Matthew and Rebecca Kolarik

the Kordas family

Kale Kowalski and Jennifer Gingrass

Ted and Alma Kreuser

Mark & Christina Kromkowski & family

Victorino and Jehan Laqui

Peter and Amy Leadstrom

Grace Lee and Mike Yeh

Russell and Kelly Lee

Joseph and Marisa Lewis

Abbey & D.J. Lipke

Dustin and Kristy Loeffler

Michael & Michelle Lynch

Kenneth and Heidi Lyons

Tony and Sandy Macaluso

Mickey and Dana MacMillan

Matthew and Mariann Madden

Joe and Annie Maida

John and Mary Mangan

Mark Manz

Pedro Ramos & Gisela Martinez

Jacob and Esther Massick

Fred and Brighid Matvias

Matty May

Michael Mayworm and Elizabeth Lothamer

Brett McCall & Holly Oliveri

Terence and Mary McCreery

Todd McGovern and Lisa Dall

John and Nicole McKinnon

Peg and Tiny McLaughlin

Audi Melsbakas

Cheryl and Larry Menke

Alexander and Katherine Messing

Jonathan and Elizabeth Meyers

Gus and Diana Michalopoulos

Marc and Lindsey Milanowski

Todd Miller and Kathleen Cahill

Rick and Katie Milton

Michael and Linda Misetic

Kenny and Clare Mitchell

Esteban and Anna Montalvo

Herminio and Marie Morelos

Michael and Tammy Morris

John and Colleen Mueller

Jorge and Magaly Munante

Christopher Murphy and Nicole Simon

James and Elizabeth Murphy

Eamon Nash and Eileen Moran

Matthew and Kathryn Neenan

Mark and Neymi Nehring

Michael and Jaquelyn Newman 

Max Nutkowitz and Colleen Sullivan

Brian and Deanna O'Connell

John and Dawn O'Farrell

the Olhava Family

Michael and Jillyn O'Shea

Douglas Padian and Eileen Hughes

Erich & Robyn Parker

Pat and Jen Patras

Geoff and Felicia Pautsch

Brian and Heather Pavona

David and Lisa Periolat

Richard and Jennifer Petrillo

Michael and Katherine Pfeffer

Johnny and Kate Pinelli

Scott and Jennifer Pitts

the Kohmescher/Polutnik Family

Matthew & Rima Ports

Sergio and Dinah Rabiela

George & Kim Radich

David and Allyson Regnier

Lynn & Dave Retford

John and Trisha Reynolds

Rob and Marta Rhyner

Tom and Kelly Rieckelman

Armando and Abad Rivas

Daniel & Elizabeth Roarty

Julio and Yesenia Rodriguez

Jose and Bethany Ronchetta

in memory of Abby and Maya Roock

Ronald and Lara Rooney

Zachary and Patricia Rosenstock

Erin Ross-Goergen

The Rothweiler Family

Benjamin & Sarah Roxworthy

Josh and Elizabeth Rutherford

Matthew and Rachel Saccaro

Tracy and Timothy Samonds

David and Lisa Sandoval

the Scherer Family

Christian and Melanie Schlachter

Dan and Maureen Schlade

Keith Schlegel and Colleen Stock

Delicio and Michele Schmeglar

Barbara Schneider

August Schupp and Heather Vanderberg

the Schwartz Family

John and Angela Sears

Francesco and Bridgett Sessa

Diane & Scott Sessa

Dmitry and Maureen Shifrin

Stephen and Kristin Shure

Tom & Jena Stallings

Jacqualyn & Edward Stancin

Andrew Stanglewicz

the Stark Family

Brian and Karla Stearns

Mr. & Mrs. Ryan & Stephanie Stecz

Tim and Nicole Stephens

Brian Stepp and Emily Weseman

Jeff and Amy Stern

the Stull Family

Henry and Ann Sugay

Ryan and Jennifer Sutherland

Kevin and Claire Sutton

the Tansor/Blake Family

Steve and Stacey Thorn

the Thornley Family

Gilbert and Stephanie Tolentino

Brian and Carrie Tracy

Fernando Trejo and Jeannie Monroy

David and Stephanie Trout

Doug & Nora Trybula

Wilfred Tumbaga and Angela Montenaro

Richard and Renee Unizycki

Tim and Fiona Urquhart

Hans and Hannah Uslar

Tas and David Uting

Jason and Laura Vacek

Todd Van Dyke and Jennifer DeMay

Miroslav Velev & Ping Gao

Rolly Ventura and Kathyleen Piros

Dan & Katie Walsh Family

Larry and Joy Walton

Steven Warmbir and Kara Spak

Chris and Jennifer Weinacht

Andy and Simonie Woerfel

Kirk and Amy Wojak

William Wooten and Anni Braverman

Bill and Nicole Yankowski

Bill and Nicole Yankowski - Matching Gift #1

Bill and Nicole Yankowski - Matching Gift #2

Jeffrey and Lisa Zabor

Matt and Elizabeth Zakaras

Michael and Barret Zolnierowicz