Teacher Handbook and FYI's

Dear Faculty and Staff - please see the link below to a Office 365 Document that is our FACULTY HANDBOOK. This covers all faculty and staff PK-12. By being an employee of this school, you are expected to follow to the best of your ability all the procedures, policies and practices as they pertain to you and your position. 

If at any time you have any questions, please see your Head of School or Ms. Rachel Gemo. We'd be happy to clarify anything for you. 

You can use the table of contents to link to info as needed. If the link is blue, it is hyperlinked to the text that explains it (not sure if it works with the online document...sorry!) 

Anything that is NEW is highlighted in YELLOW - Anything that is REALLY, REALLY important (it's all important) is highlighted in GREEN. 

Thank you for being an awesome staff! 

Ms. Rachel Gemo, Head of Parish School 



There are several times during the year when teachers are expected to be present at a special school event.  Care should be taken to note these dates on both professional and personal calendars so teachers are able to avoid scheduling conflicts.  Teachers are expected to arrive promptly and stay until the conclusion of the meeting/conference/event, etc.

The following events/dates require mandatory attendance for teachers:  CLICK HERE. 


School Campus Hours

These are the hours that your access card will work. If you will be on campus outside these hours, please let your HOS or Rachel Gemo know. Thanks!

Monday through Friday  6AM to 10PM

Saturday  8AM to 4PM

Sunday  8AM to 4PM

Cafeteria Hours

Wondering when you can use those Quest lunch cards? Here are the general secondary school cafeteria hours:

  • Breakfast 7AM to 8AM

  • Regular Day of Operation: 10:30 to 1:15PM

  • Tuesdays: 10:30 to 12:45PM

Parking Lot Hours

In order to keep our students safe at recess and going to and from the school buildings, the courtyard parking lot will be closed to traffic on a daily basis. This goes for all employees and guests of the parish and school. Please do not expect to enter the parking lot during these times.

8:15AM - once everyone in - south gate closed (on Byron)

10:30AM - when Recess starts - close the west gate (on Bell) and is closed the rest of the day. Please put out horses to block driveway

2:40 PM - open gates - for dismissal.

On Tuesdays, the lot opens at 1:40PM.

Borrowing Cameras from the Secretaries

Dear Faculty - thank you for all of you who are taking pictures with school cameras and uploading photos.

  • Louie is going to create a tutorial sheet on how to download photos from cameras, as well as upload to the One Drive Photo Folder. CLICK HERE FOR TUTORIAL.

  • When you borrow a camera, the SD CARD ADAPTER MUST BE RETURNED WITH THE CAMERA - PLEASE. The secretary will ask you for it.

  • If the battery is running low, please let the secretary know so that it can be recharged.

  • After downloading pictures, please erase them off the SD CARD. Feel free to erase the entire SD Card. It will help the downloading process go much easier/faster. There may be old photos on them from previous HS classes - they can also be erased.

Fire Drill Protocol - Please read. 

Thank you for an overall great fire drill.  Some important things to keep in mind. 

ALL teachers must raise their hand once you are outside and stop at your safe location.  
You must keep them raised until the Admin team does roll call.  The administration will point to you and you must do the following in this order:

  • State your full name (first then last)

  • Either say "All here" if all your students are present, or "Missing" followed by student's name(s) if someone is missing or "I also have" if you have picked up child that isn't in your class.

  • For grades PK-5, if you have someone else's homeroom, please say that as well.

This protocol is extremely important because the faster we can account for everyone, the faster we can assure everyone's safety. It's important to feel comfortable saying it aloud because in a real emergency, there could be a lot of noise/commotion. 

CLUB DATES for the Year - for PS and ES Clubs

Club Dates

Tuesdays No Club List

Prayer Buddy Assignments

Prayer Bud Pairings for 2018-19

Preschool with 5th Grade and HS (Mr. Rosskamm and Ms. Deady) - see below

Kindergarten and Fourth Grade 

First Grade and Sixth Grade 

Second Grade and Eighth Grade 

Third Grade and Seventh Grade 

High School Prayer Buddies: 

Christy Room 131 

Hayes Room 133 

5th grade Prayer Buddies: 

Kattner Room 132 -- Group 1: Emory, Will G, Leilani, Emily, Brady, Eliana, Liam M, Carlos, Sean, Maeve, Chloe, Jordan and Sophie

Elliott Room 135 -- Group 2: Leo, Brionna, Andrew, Henry K, Fallon, Luke, Zoe, Lily, Tristan, Michael L, Naomi, Tommy and Kate

Blazek Room 137 -- Group 3: Ehiremen, Fred, Devin, Abby, Alex, Shane, Keira, Jonathan, Zach, Grace H, Ethan P, Liam W and Nico

Granitz Room 134 -- Group 4: Sasha, JT, Keller, Olivia, Grace B, Teddy K, Ellie, Jack Schlade, Ethan C, Will H, Quinten, Patrick T and Teddy T

Pikulski Room 114 -- Group 5: Aidan D, Sadie, Amara, Jack Schlachter, Fiona, Ava G, Emma, Aidan T, Nick, Bridget, Mason, Reagan and Ava S

Gelfand Room 112 -- Group 6: Claire, Lucia, Marcus, Michael T, Will C, Harper, Henry P, Cam, Lukas, Luwam, Winnie, Jordan and John


Prayer Buddy Dates for 2018 19

September 25, 2018 (Get to Know and Rosary)

October 23rd, 2018 (All Saints Day) 

November 20, 2018 (Thanksgiving)

January 29th, 2018 (Catholic Schools Week)

March 5th (Mardis Gras and/or Ash Wednesday) 

May 14th (End of Year Celebration) 

RE classes begin  on Sunday, September 9 at 8:45-10:15am and Wednesday, September 12 at 6:30-8:00pm.

Dan Hughes has assigned the following rooms for classes.


Grade K-116, 1-117, 1-119, 2-211, 2-212, 3-225, 4-321, 5-323, 6-325, 

7, 329, 8-331


Grade 1-116, 2-121, 3-223, 4-225, 5-229, 6-321, 7-323, 8-325

Selective Prep Classes begin on Saturdays this Coming Saturday, Sept 15th from 9AM to 4PM

If your room is listed below, it will be used for Selective Prep Classes on Saturdays for a good part of this school year from 9AM to 4PM. They will need access/space on your WHITE BOARDS. Please leave for the white board marker and erasers. They shouldn't need anything else. 

Here are the classes to be used: Room 345, 347, 321, 325, 327, 329, 331. 319C and 319B 

If you have any problems with this group using your classroom, please let me know. 

Updated Email Signature - please use the following. Thanks! 

Please use this signature on your email

Your Name 

Your title i.e. Preschool Teacher 

St. Benedict Preparatory School 

3900 N. Leavitt Street - everyone uses this address, 

Chicago, IL 60618 

(773) 588-7851 - use the phone number for your particular school (ask the  secretary) 

(773) 442-8318 (fax) 

rwaldron@stbenedict.com - your email address 

Our Passion is the Best Possible You!  

This message is intended only for the use of the individual or entity to which it is addressed and may contain information that is privileged, confidential and exempt from disclosure under applicable law.  If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient or the employee or agent responsible for delivering the message to the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited.  If you have received this communication in error, please notify us immediately by replying to the sender of this e-mail. Thank you. 


Please see Teacher Lounge Cleaning Assignments  

Please make note of when you and your team are supposed to clean the lounge. This should be completed AFTER SCHOOL ON FRIDAYS (or Thursday if there is no Friday, after all the lunches are done). 

What to do?  Here is List of tasks to be completed each week (I'll post in the lounge for the future). 

  • clean and put away dishes

  • clean off the counter tops

  • clean fridge outer surface and handles

  • throw away any old/unmarked foods

  • Straighten up ledges and desk area

  • Clean up "living area" & wipe off tables and chairs

  • *** If you can't make it, you need to switch with someone. Please don't just blow it off or not show up.

  • email Rachel Gemo if repairs are needed

  • Email Rachel W if cleaning supplies are needed

  • send in a MAX PANDA for any repairs


Teacher Committees for 2018-19 - THESE ARE THE NON-PAID COMMITTEES for this year

Each year, we ask teachers to serve on ONE non-paid committee. My apologies it took to November to get this out, but it seems to be the theme of the year. Please look for your name. Teachers were asked to submit first and second choices in a survey about a month ago. About 13 faculty members DID NOT respond, so we placed you where we needed you the most. Some committees have paid staff members to LEAD the committee, and then other committees are led by one HOS. Committee Leads and HOS, please reach out to your committee to begin planning. Thanks!


Report Card Descriptions (for grades 1-8) for RenWeb Report Cards - updated

Please note, we added some descriptors regarding the learner behavior ratings in the hopes to provide consistent markings and common understanding from teacher to teacher, from grade to grade. Please review before you do report cards.

Click HERE

Some things to note:

  • Progressing and Successful should be most common marks 

  • Outstanding should be rare and for those who really show above and beyond consistently  

  • Unsatisfactory should also be rare and if given, Mary or Rachel should be notified.  

  • Once you are completely done with report cards, you must email Rachel or Mary informing her. (By Wed. Nov. 28th at 8:00AM)