Secondary School Library News

Caudill and Lincoln Book Award Reading Contests End March 10th

Sixth through twelfth grade students can participate in the Caudill and Lincoln contests! Books receiving these awards are available in the Secondary Library. Students can receive prizes for reading as many books as they can from the lists. Here is a flyer with more information. Contest ends March 10th.



Blind Date with a Book Event Kicks Off February 13th, 2017!

Middle and High School students are welcome to check out the Secondary Library Event taking place throughout the month of February. Students will be able to have a blind date with a book! They will reading some clues on the cover of a book of their choosing and decide whether or not that book is for them! Students who participate will receive a free entry into a raffle for an Amazon gift card. Books are separated by middle school and high school content. 

Catholic Poet, Judith Valente, Shares Her Writing


Celebrate Catholic Schools Week with Poetry! Award winning poet and journalist, Judith Valente will host the secondary school 2017 Dignity Revolution Poetry Competition on Thursday, February 2.

Judith Valente, who feels a close connection to St Benedict's monastic teaching, believes that poetry offers an important space to explore the sacred as well as to enrich her writing as a journalist. Not only did Valente work with The Washington PostThe Wall Street Journal, and currently PBS Religion and News Weekly, she is also the author of Inventing an Alphabet, which was selected by Mary Oliver, as one of two co-winners of the 2004 Aldrich Poetry Prize. In addition, Valente has collaborated on The Art of Pausing: Meditations for the Overworked and Overwhelmed, a book of haiku poems, reflections and photos.  Her Twenty Poems to Nourish Your Soul is also described as "an extraordinary celebration of the poet's craft that opens the attentive reader's heart to the world of the spirit." In her memoir Atchison Blue: A Search for Silence. a Spiritual Home, and a Living Space, Valente also shares her encounter with the teachings of St. Benedict at Mt. St. Scholastica Monastery. We are honored to have Ms. Valente participate in our Catholic Schools celebration and share her poetry!

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Author Visit

The St. Benedict Preparatory Library is excited to announce a visit on Tuesday, October 25th to the sixth, seventh and eighth grades by local author Peter Kujawinski. Mr. Kujawinski will be discussing his book, Nightfall and autographing copies as well. The book is a spooky adventure story set on a mysterious island.

Nightfall takes place on Marin Island, a place where the sun only rises every 28 years—meaning 14 years of daylight are followed by 14 years of night. The townspeople flee south at sunset, but when three teens are left behind, they learn about the strange others who take over the island at night—the ones their parents would never tell them about.

The visit is sponsored by The Book Cellar and if you have not pre-ordered, there will be copies on the day to purchase for $9.50. We are thrilled to welcome Mr. Kujawinski, who is not only an author, but has served as a American diplomat all around the world. 

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