Meet Our 2017-2018 Secondary School Foreign Language Department!

Learning a foreign language is a critical component of preparing our students for learning, achievement and service in a 21st century global society. 


Adriana Kolev is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she taught French for twelve years. She moved to the United States in 2016 and is very pleased to have the opportunity to teach in this country. She studied in France in 2007 at CAVILAM School, in Vichy. She loves languages, literature, music, and dance. 

Erico Ramirez graduated from the University of the Incarnate Word in 2012 while living in San Antonio, Texas where he was born and raised. His areas of study include Spanish/Latin American culture, literature, and linguistics. He also studied journalism and worked with San Antonio's largest bi-lingual newspaper. His passion for culture, heritage, and language lead him to teaching Spanish. This is his second year teaching at St. Benedict Preparatory. He looks forward to making educational connections with his students in the Secondary School.