Secondary School (Grs. 9-12) Scholarships and Tuition Assistance

St. Benedict Preparatory School offers priority toward acceptance, scholarship and financial aid to those incoming freshmen who test here on January 11, 2014. Students will be notified of their eligibility for any of the scholarships listed. It is expected that any student awarded a scholarship or tuition assistance will continue to maintain a level of academic excellence.

Available scholarships and criteria are as follows:

Gold Standard Scholarship: (non-renewable) $2,000 each are awarded to the students who receive the first and second highest score on the St. Benedict Prep placement exam.

Maroon and Gold Scholarship: (non-renewable) $500 each are awarded to the students who score in the top 10% on the St. Benedict Prep placement exam.

St. Benedict Merit Scholarship: (non-renewable) Ranging from $500 - $1,500 each are awarded to freshmen with superior scores on the entrance exam and principal and middle school teacher recommendations highlighting academic excellence, school leadership, and Catholic stewardship. Candidates must also complete an essay indicating high school educational goals, leadership qualities, service experience and their plan to excel in high school.

Bengal Leadership Award: (renewable) $1,000 is awarded to academically talented candidates with a principal and middle school teacher recommendation who exhibit outstanding qualities of leadership, character and service to others. Students must also complete a personal statement on their leadership experiences. Final candidates will interview with members of St. Benedict Preparatory School Administration. Award recipients will serve in leadership positions while at St. Benedict Preparatory School for each year the scholarship is awarded.

Msgr. Fasnacht Legacy Family Scholarship: (renewable) In memory of the pastor who built our high school, families of students who have been attending St. Benedict Preparatory School since at least second grade may apply for this scholarship. Families in good standing and who have demonstrated regular commitment to St. Benedict Parish and Preparatory School through donating their time, talent and treasure may apply for this scholarship. This scholarship allows the family to pay the elementary school tuition rate. An application needs to be submitted in writing and the family must participate in an interview process.

St. Benedict Preparatory School Neighboring Parish Scholarship: (renewable) These are variable amount (up to 50% of the tuition expense based on financial need), service-oriented parish scholarships to be awarded by the pastor to one graduate from each parish. The graduate and/or their family must complete community service either at SBPS or at their home parish. The number of hours is determined based on financial need and the pastor’s recommendation.

Tuition Grants via the Work Study Program: Financial assistance towards tuition costs is available to students whose families demonstrate financial need. The Financial Aid application, available at the school office in January, must be completed and submitted by March 28, 2014. The St. Benedict Prep Tuition Assistance Program is funded by generous donations of alumni and other St. Benedict Preparatory School supporters, as well as through the efforts of the SBPS Advisory Board and the Mission Advancement team. The Tuition Grant Program assures that qualified students in good academic and behavior standing will not be denied a quality, Catholic college prep education due to financial circumstances. Applications received after the deadline are subject to available funds.

Families must reapply on an annual basis for financial assistance. All financial assistance recipients are required to participate in the Work Study Program. Through this program students learn to be responsible by performing specific tasks under the supervision of faculty, staff and coordinators.

Timeline for the Tuition Grant Work Study Application Process:

1. Applications for the Tuition Grants are available in January.

2. Applications are filed by parents and reviewed by SBPS Administration and the Mission Advancement Team.

3. Grants are awarded by March 28th, 2014.

4. Students may begin work over the summer or the first full week of school and continue until the work study hours obligation has been completed; students earn $20 per hour worked toward their tuition grant total. Parents and other family members may volunteer their time and services as well to work toward the grant total.  If you are interested in being considered for this program, an application must be completed.