Course Description:  Sacraments, Liturgy, and Prayer will cover all 7 sacraments and multiple forms of prayer.  Students are expected to participate and be respectful of all activities that are completed in the learning process.  The topics covered in this class will be factual as well as personal reflection about the gifts we receive from the sacraments and prayer.

Syllabus: Click here

Course Outcomes: 

  • Students will know the 7 sacraments, the symbols, rituals, and purpose of each
  • Students will compare the sacraments to church history, scripture, and modern practice
  • Students will learn common Catholic prayers and how they are used in personal and group prayers and liturgy
  • Students will be able to compare the sacraments and understand how they directly affect themselves, their community, and school. 

Course Materials:

  1.  Meeting Jesus in the Sacraments (books provided by school)
  2.  Laptop
  3. Notebook or loose-leaf paper
  4.  Folder
  5.  Positive attitude and willingness to learn!