Protégé Internship Placement 2016

St. Benedict Preparatory School Protégé Internship Program

St Benedict Preparatory School has expanded the Protégé Internship Program in the curriculum. Beginning in the 6th grade, each student at St. Benedict Preparatory School is required to complete a shadow day. Each year they are requested to shadow different professions. We believe that the path of their life is directed by their exposure to the real world.

What is a job shadow?

A job shadow is a career exploration activity where students follow a worker for a few hours to half a day to learn more about a particular career. Students get a firsthand look into what a specific job involves, including the rewards and challenges. They observe what personal attributes, skills, and training helped make the person successful. It is also a good time to observe this person’s work environment and working conditions, the dress expected on the job, and to talk with other people within the organization about the products and services that the business produces.

This experience is designed to give students the op­portunity to learn more about what adults do in the working world and how this relates to their classroom experiences.

They are asked to know about the company they are visiting:

  • the type of product or service sold
  • who owns or operates the business
  • correct title of the person being shadowed
  • who is their immediate supervisor
  • how long have they been in business
  • research the company’s Web site, if available
  • how to get there

We have partnered with the North Center Chamber of Commerce in offering their members the opportunity to participate in our shadow days.

 What this creates is:

  • professional influence on  young and curious minds
  • community cohesiveness
  • strong sense of neighborhood to almost 300 students
  • exposure of many families to neighborhood business

Career Preparation

During the Junior year, Protégé Candidates meeting the GPA and attendance requirements may apply to secure a position in their Senior year. A prerequisite to the program is the SBPS Career Preparation class where the students explore career options, learn job seeking and keeping skills, and develop an employment portfolio. From a hands-on perspective, the student will have the opportunity to participate in the résumé, application, interview, hiring, and employment process.

Protégé Internship

The Protégé Internship Program was created out of the desire to better prepare students for life after graduation by providing an arena in which their classroom learning is applied. It engages the student in an experience outside of the classroom that will enrich their education and provide them with critical career insights.

Students often declare a major in college with little comprehension of what it would really be like to work in that field. This program allows them to participate in real world work situations, encouraging a more pragmatic outlook of their future career choice.

During the third trimester, an early afternoon dismissal allows students to work approximately 12-15 hours a week over a 12 week period. The student returns to the classroom weekly to discuss successes and/or challenges experienced in the workplace.

Many of our local businesses have joined us as partners in this programIf you are interested in having a SBPS protégé at your place of business or would like to support one of the students, please call Suzanne Stone, Protégé Internship Program director, at 773-509-3830 for further information.