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Click here for this week's schedule - Week of December 17th

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  • RW's weekly information

  • Teacher Committee Selection

  • Club Dates

  • Friday Mass schedule

  • Club Dates and information

  • Things to do when taking attendance

Welcome to the third week of Advent! Please be sure to ‘light’ your rose candle this week. We will have a busy week this week with the Christmas show practice, the Christmas Show and Christmas parties/activities. The order for the Christmas Concert will be as follows:

  • Betty/Jessie

  • Cathy/Kelly

  • Margaret/Beth

  • Kristen/Molly

With Christmas being just more than a week away, this can bring out a lot of excitement, which can be hard for the little ones to contain! If your kids are little more crazy or naughty, please have even more patience with them than you usually do. I hope that you all have a very wonderful, restful and blessed Christmas and New Year! The schedule for our PD on Monday, Jan. 7th will be in Gemo’s notes, please be sure to check that out.

Have a great week!

Portfolio Check In Update

December 5th  was scheduled to be a portfolio check in, since  report cards don't go home till that day, we have decided to push back the Portfolio Check In to December 12th. This will allow homeroom teachers time to complete the reflection of the Tri 1 goal and create a Tri 2 goal with their students. Please make sure those are completed before December 12th . 

STEAM teachers please make sure you have received your new portfolio folders for your Tri 2 classes.  If you have not had items from Tri 1 checked off your blue sheet please include those pieces in this check in. 

Thank you for adjusting your schedule. Please look out for the turn in sheet that will be coming shortly

Preschool screening - Click here for the age calculator

Please be sure to check not only the Breaking News on the dashboard daily, but you need to check both Early Childhood and the Inclusion and Instruction tab each week.

 Click here for the Early Childhood Friday Mass Schedule 2018 - updated 8/31/18

After school club dates for 2018-19

There are BLUE club forms in my mailbox in the PS and in the club mailbox in the ES, ready to be picked up and filled out. 

Club form due dates:

  • Winter Clubs (blue forms) - forms due to RW by 1/7, Flyers go home and in the Buzz on 1/10

  • Spring Clubs (purple forms) - forms due to RW by 3/25, Flyers go home and in the Buzz on 3/28

Click here for a list of club dates for the 2018-19 school year

Things to do when taking attendance: (K-5)

  • - Take daily attendance by 8:30am each morning

  • - Every student needs a mark (P, AU, TU) DNA is a mark used for preschool, please do not use that mark.

  • - IF AU is marked, you MUST put a comment!

  • - Put a comment even if it is the same comment from the day before (for a kid who is missing a few days in a row.)

  • - If you don’t know the reason for the absence, you MUST still comment: "no note," or "not sure" or "I don’t know," and even ‘idk’ will be acceptable!

  • - You can make changes up to 9:00am

  • - If it is after 9:00am and you need to make a change, contact Carol