Prayer Corner

Some of you may have received this information a couple of times, but in case you did not…

Ellie Hoban, daughter of SBPS STEM teacher Jen and associate board member Ben, was recently diagnosed with neuroblastoma.  A gofundme account has been established to help offset medical costs associated with Ellie's treatment.  More info is available on the gofundme page linked below. Please feel free to share this with others via email, but at this point Ben and Jenny have asked that we do not post this on social media. Ellie starts her next round of chemo on Monday so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Please pray for 7th Grader, Ethan Li -

We please ask for renewed prayers for our 7th grader, Ethan Li. His treatments haven’t gone as well as hoped - see their blog for more info:

A Prayer for Easter

Would we be counted among the doubters
hiding in the shadow cast by that cruel cross?
Or, when challenged, like Peter, openly deny you?
There are times, Lord when doubts assail 
and the distance between us seems to increase.
There are times, Lord when sin has its hold,
like a barrier between that will not move.
Who is there we can turn to when we feel so overwhelmed?
Who can roll away the stone and reveal the empty tomb?
No-one but you, Jesus, no-one but you! Amen.

St. Benedict, Pray for Us.