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7C’s Information for the C of the Month

  • October - Collaboration

  • November – Communication 

  • December - Content

  • January –  Critical Thinking

  • February – Creative innovation

  • March – Confidence

  • April – Catholic – the BIG C

Questions about COLLABORATION for students to reflect on…

  • Express what it means in their own words…

  • What does it look like? 

  • Why is it important? 

  • How do we create a collaborative environment? 

  • What prevents effective collaboration? 

  • What is their role in collaboration?

Progression Levels of Collaboration in Humans

Level One - on my own

Level Two - side by side

Level Three - back and forth

Level Four - build it together

Helpful Things to Put in Your Sub Lesson Plans - Please Do This if You are Not Already doing So 

I'd like to give a shout out to Emily McGuinn who prepares her subs in important ways. I'm copying the intro to her plans here below. Please prepare something like this for your sub plans. You will just need to adapt to your own class location. Having our sub teachers prepared to act in an emergency may help save lives in the event that we have a real situation. Thanks! Please see below for the example:

Sub Plan Friday, February 10th, 2019

Thanks for working in my classroom today. I will be out of the building. Please see another third grade teacher if you have any questions.

Please note the following phone extensions:

Heather Perez- School Nurse ex.  2330

Carol Dodovich- Secretary- ex. 1180

My classroom, Room 313 is ex. 3130

Lock down procedure- “Lock down, lock down, lockdown” will be announced on loud speaker and the blue strobes will flash without an alarm. Close locked door. Hide in closet. No talking at this time. Wait until all clear.

Fire exit – exit north stair case to courtyard toward Irving Park to Leavitt

Severe weather- North stairs, building 1 basement

Behavior System: Students can move their clips up on the rainbow chart. They move up if they are following directions, doing what they need to do etc. If they make a poor choice, they can move their clips down. Please remind students that even if they move down, they have the privilege to move their clip back up.

Quick Classroom Brain Breaks to Combat Stress

The anytime of the year can be a time of great stress for our students - families are under stress and they pick up that "home" tension and bring it to school. The weather isn't always as nice so the kids aren't getting as much physical activity throughout the day. There is a lot going on....help your students combat stress as well as sharpen their focus. Using brain breaks is a quick, fun way to "take a break" from learning which actually translates into better learning. Give it a try! These brain breaks and focused-attention practices can help students cope with stress and trauma and focus on their learning.  Click here for a great article with simple ideas from Edutopia.

Teaching Trunk Program – Illinois Holocaust Museum

Is your school looking for innovative, age-appropriate ways to teach about the Holocaust, human rights and virtue education? The Teaching Trunk Program, sponsored by the Illinois Holocaust Museum, offers a variety of lessons and resources to address these important topics. Click on this link to learn more about this program and other programs offered by the Illinois Holocaust Museum.