Caudill and Lincoln Books: Reading over the Holidays!

The Secondary Library will be promoting the Rebecca Caudill and Abraham Lincoln Award Winning Books to our 6th-12th grade students beginning next week, November 30th! These award-winning books will be available to our students in the secondary library. The contest will ask all secondary students to read as many Caudill and Lincoln books as they can before the end of February. We will then ask them to vote on their favorites. We will offer prizes for most books read. These prizes will include book sets, gift cards, and library goodies!

The library will also look a bit different! We will be decorating the pillars with colored paper, and the students will sign their names after reading the books. We will then have a tally of student names!! What a great way to celebrate these great books!

Come check out the books as they will be displayed in the library for your convenience!