Introduction to Speech

Course Description:  The goal of this course is to educate students about the essentials of great communication. Students will learn the skills necessary for successful social and professional relationships. The content of this course will be covered through the use of lecture, videos, discussion groups, and individualized work and speeches. Students will be asked to occasionally lead class discussions/lectures of materials. Students will gain skills in writing and delivering speeches for a variety of purposes. The teacher will cover course materials and will be available for further assistance on certain chapters and topics that students have questions with.

Syllabus: Click here

Course Materials:

  1. 38 Basic Speech Experiences -- Author: Clark C. Carlile, Dana V. Hensley -- Year/Publisher: 2005; Perfection Learning Corporation
  2. laptop/tablet device
  3. textbook, a notebook
  4. looseleaf paper
  5. binder
  6. folder
  7. syllabus
  8. writing utensils