Intro to Art - 6th Grade

Course Description:This course will present a study of visual art. Student will learn and apply the principles of analysis and self expression blending art history with studio experiences, both two and three dimensional, which include design,
drawing, cartoon rendering, and painting. Students who have completed a middle school or previous art experiences comprised of Introduction to Art requirements are eligible to register for higher level art courses.

Syllabus: Click here

Course Outcomes:

  • For students to learn the technical skills to create successful works of art.
  •  For students to use their technical skills to communicate concepts, ideas and styles in their artwork.
  •   For students to “think outside of the box” and problem solve as well as express themselves creatively through visual communication.
  •  For students to recognize and appreciate the history of art.
  •  For students to become familiar with vocabulary, art terms, artists, works, periods and styles of art.

Course Materials:

All materials will be provided. Students will share bins of supplies at their tables.  You will be responsible for taking care of the supplies in your table bin!  Make sure to work together as a group to keep supplies organized in the bin and do not write on the bins.  The 5th classroom rule is keeping the room and supplies clean and demerits can be given to individuals or table groups who do not clean up!