Friday, February 22, 2019

“You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality,” Ayn Rand.

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Today's Events -

  • Click HERE for K-3 STUDENT LUNCH Pre-Order for QUEST

  • Click HERE for Grades 4 & 5 STUDENT LUNCH Pre- Order for Quest

  • Gala Teacher Treat Sign Up Document (please complete by March 1 - CLICK)

  • Preschool Field Trip to Kohl’s Children’s Museum for Ms. Granitz, Mrs. Blazek, & Ms. Elliott

  • All School Spirit Day - Go Bengals!

  • National Margarita Day! And Pay Day!

  • If you need BUS transportation to NCEA conference, please RSVP below by the end of the day - thanks!

  • 7AM Digital Portfolio Committee Meeting in RG’s office

  • 8AM Benny’s Best Announcement - please nominate your Benny’s Best by 8AM

  • 8:30 AM Mass for Ms. O’Daniel, Mrs. Pikulski, & Mrs. Christy

  • 9AM 3rd Grade Service Project Collaboration with Kateri Center in Beaven Hall

  • 3:10 PM Grades 2-5 Art Club

  • 3:10 PM Grades 1-4 Disney Club

  • 3:30 PM Middle School Baseball Club

  • 3:30 PM 5th Grade Boys White Basketball Practice

  • 3:30 PM 6th Grade Boys Gold Basketball Practice

  • 3:30 PM 6th Grade Girls Basketball Practice

  • 4:30 PM 4th Grade Girls Gold Basketball Practice

  • 5 PM 8th Grade Girls Gold Basketball Practice

  • 5:30 PM 5th Grade Boys Maroon Basketball Practice

  • 6:30 PM 6th Grade Boys Gold Basketball Practice

  • 6:30 PM 6th Grade Boys Maroon Basketball Practice

  • SOUP OF THE DAY - Italian Wedding Soup

  • Lunches for Lower School - Turkey chili w/beans, breadstick, pudding and fruit cup

  • Upper School - Chili Mac or Chili w/breadstick

Important Updates Regarding NCEA National Conference in April - PLEASE READ AND RESPOND by Friday, Feb 22nd

The principals learned on Thursday that the NCEA Conference in April will be one of the most attended conferences in decades. They are expecting anywhere between 9,000-10,000 attendees. They also suggested that we should provide some other transportation options for employees as McCormick Place has about 6000 parking spaces. Parking will be at a premium for sure. Also, we are not in the position to cover everyone’s parking or Uber/Lyft rides. So, instead, we are offering to charter a school bus to and from McCormick Place on Tuesday and Wednesday. If you think you would like to take advantage of this transportation option, please indicate this in the survey below. I don’t want to wait to charter the bus or buses, so please complete by Friday, Feb 22nd. Please use the link below. For your convenience, I also put the link to a PDF of the preliminary conference program.