September 16, 2019 -

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“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes,” Carl Jung.

Today’s Agenda

Athletics Weekly Schedule 

Remember to start SMART start Monday, September 16th!

Each Monday, students will take time to remind themselves of their goal, reflect on their work towards their goal the previous week, and create a plan to help them work on their goal in the upcoming week. 

Students will: 

  • Rewrite their current goal on their tracker sheet or assignment notebook (at top of week page). 

  • Reflect in their journal (will be created with 3 prong folders and hole punched copies). 

  • As a note, student goals will also be recorded in an online document and posted in a grade appropriate place (ie locker, notebook, desk, etc). 

Teachers will: 

  • Give time and check to ensure students complete the above each Monday (morning work may be ideal). 

  • Help students to maintain their goal reflection journals. 

  • Provide feedback to students on their reflections at least 2-3 times a trimester (this feedback will also be recorded in online document, so all teachers of that student are on the same page). 

  • Work with students to create new goals, if needed. 

  • Provide different reflection questions/ approaches each week (either in PowerPoint and/or copies sheets. 

Here are some example of reflection prompts:

*What did I do well last week?  

*Did you do anything to help you reach your goal? What did you do? 

*In what area do you feel you improved?  

*What is one thing that you are proud of? 

*What could you do next to help you reach your goal? 

*Was there something you needed help with?  

*What area do you feel you improved in this week? 

*What are you still working on this week?  

*Why is this goal important to you? 

*What is something I want to accomplish this week?