Primary Notes - Grades 1-3

We made it through Grandparents Day!! Congrats on that feat! So many happy grandparents and VIP’s were here today. Next week is as close to a ‘normal’ five day week as we’re going to get around here. With that being said, please take note that hearing and vision screenings will be taking place on Monday and Tuesday. Heather will communicate to you when your class will be screened and if she needs any assistance from you. I believe the plan is start with preschool and work her way through. There is also the out of uniform day on Thursday in red, white and blue to support the 8th graders in their Constitution test (except 2nd Grade, who will be on a field trip). There is also the out of uniform day on Friday for the kids who earned passes from the Fun Run - those should have been in your mailbox this week.

This Wednesday is my ‘Out of Office Day’ with 3rd Grade. Unless there is an absolute emergency, I will be with the 3rd grade teachers and students from 7:30-3:30.

Tuesday Professional Development Time - Grades 1-3 - STEAM integration planning time; For anyone who will be at the November Open House - we will be meeting with Rachel Gemo in Kittler at 3:30

I have started Informal Observations, once your observation is complete, please review it and reach out to me with a time to meet (either plan period, before/after school) within the next 7 days. Also, please be sure to read the email that sent last week (if you haven’t already) with the explanation for the post-observation document.

Have a great weekend!

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This Week's Schedule....

CLICK HERE for the week of October 21st

Quick Links for Grades 1-3 Teachers

  • Parent/Teacher Conference Sign-Up Genius information

  • 2019-20 Club Dates and Information

  • Elementary School Sibling Pick Up List

  • Benny's Best Assistant Tracker 5th Grade

  • Mass Roles Grades 3-5

  • Prayer and Pledge Schedule for 2019 2020


Club Dates for the 2019-2020 School Year -
click here for a hard copy

 Holiday Club Session:

  • November 11 – December 13 (4 weeks; 5 weeks for Mondays) - Green Club proposals due to RW by 10/25; flyers go home/in the Buzz on 10/31

    • NO CLUBS ON:

      • Wednesday – 11/27

      • Thursday – 11/28

      • Friday – 11/8, 11/ 29

 Winter Club Session:

  • January 20 – March 6 (7 weeks) - Blue Club proposals due to RW by 1/6; flyers go home/in the Buzz on 1/9

    • NO CLUBS ON:

      • Monday – 1/20, 2/17

      • Thursday – 2/6

      • Friday 2/7, 2/14

 Spring Break March 16-22
Easter Break April 10-13

 Spring Club Session:

  • April 13 – May 29 (7 Weeks) - Pink Club proposals due to RW by 3/27; flyers go home/in the Buzz on 4/2

    • NO CLUBS ON:

      • Monday – 4/13, 5/25

      • Friday – 5/8

Field Trip Chaperones

Please be sure that you are sending all your chaperones names to Carol at least ONE WEEK in advance. There are a ton of end of year field trips and activities that Carol needs to check. The more time you can give her, the better. Also, please send the parent’s name to Carol, not the child’s name.

Elementary Flex Space

The following is the link of the Flex Space sign out. Please make sure to fill it in, if you’d like to reserve the space. Click HERE

Things to do when taking attendance: (K-5)

  • - Take daily attendance by 8:30am each morning

  • - Every student needs a mark (P, AU, TU) DNA is a mark used for preschool, please do not use that mark.

  • - IF AU is marked, you MUST put a comment!

  • - Put a comment even if it is the same comment from the day before (for a kid who is missing a few days in a row.)

  • - If you don’t know the reason for the absence, you MUST still comment: "no note," or "not sure" or "I don’t know," and even ‘idk’ will be acceptable!

  • - You can make changes up to 9:00am

  • - If it is after 9:00am and you need to make a change, contact Carol


Please remember to enter students in RENWEB at the close of each day.

If you are dropping them off to extended care after a CLUB you still need to log them into RENWEB - it’s like taking attendance. Thanks!