Elementary Notes

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This Week's Schedule....

Click here for the this week’s schedule - Week of December 10th

Quick Links for Grades 1-5 Teachers

Tuesday PD time


  • 2:30 - Check in with RW; planning time

1st - 3rd Grade

  • 2:30 - Megan Peters - Round Robin & Puzzling words meet in Roxy’s room

4th & 5th Grade

  • @2:30 (5th - 8th) Science & Math teachers meet in Ms. Gemo’s office

  • PD Time: Curriculum Planning work time

Elementary Christmas Concert Rehearsal Schedule


Portfolio Check In Update

December 5th  was scheduled to be a portfolio check in, since  report cards don't go home till that day, we have decided to push back the Portfolio Check In to December 12th. This will allow homeroom teachers time to complete the reflection of the Tri 1 goal and create a Tri 2 goal with their students. Please make sure those are completed before December 12th . 

STEAM teachers please make sure you have received your new portfolio folders for your Tri 2 classes.  If you have not had items from Tri 1 checked off your blue sheet please include those pieces in this check in. 

Thank you for adjusting your schedule. Please look out for the turn in sheet that will be coming shortly

Elementary Flex Space

The following is the link of the Flex Space sign out. Please make sure to fill it in, if you’d like to reserve the space. Click HERE

Mylearningplan.com or Frontline Teacher Evaluation Portal Forms

Teacher observation Timeline – Year One

Teacher Goal Sheets – Grades PK-5 and HS by October 2nd (extended to Oct. 8th by midnight) Goal Setting Form

Timeline for Observations Walkthroughs (10 minutes)

•#1 All teachers by Nov. 8

#2 All teachers by March 8

Informal Observations (20-30 minutes)

•#1 by Jan 18th

Formal Observation (full class)

•By May 15

Walk through Forms

Goal Setting Form

Walk through Form (PDF with electronic spaces)

Informal Observation Forms

Observation Form

Post-Observation Form

Formal Observation Forms

Pre-Observation Form Formal

Formal Observation form (PDF)

Post Observation Form Formal

Summative Conference Form

Teachers Composite Score


Please remember to enter students in RENWEB at the close of each day.

If you are dropping them off to extended care after a CLUB you still need to log them into RENWEB - it’s like taking attendance. Thanks!

Lower Elementary RTI

Lower Elementary is now accepting RTI tickets for the 2018-2019 school year! Please visit the Quick Links part of the dashboard to submit your RTI tickets.

After school club dates for 2018-19

There are PINK club forms in my mailbox in the PS and in the club mailbox in the ES, ready to be picked up and filled out.  They are due no later than Wednesday.  See the link below for the full list of club dates.

Club form due dates:

  • Winter Clubs (blue forms) - forms due to RW by 1/7, Flyers go home and in the Buzz on 1/10

  • Spring Clubs (purple forms) - forms due to RW by 3/25, Flyers go home and in the Buzz on 3/28

Click here for a list of club dates for the 2018-19 school year