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This Week's Schedule....

Click here for the this week’s schedule - Week of April 22nd

Quick Links for Grades 1-5 Teachers

Tuesday - PD Time - April 23rd

NCEA Conference, baby! Get pumped!

PreK- 5th grade teachers- April is Reading Month Activities

In a recent email from Megan Peters are the calendars and information sheet for Reading Month. Please email these out with your newsletter this week and for the month of April. I chose to go the electronic route- so these emails are crucial. 

Here are few extra reminders as well-

-Place your printed calendars by your classroom door for students and parents to view. 

-Pass out the bookmarks and reading logs- students need to change "dress as a character day" to April 9th

-Once students are done with the Reading Log- turn into Carol or myself

Looking forward to a fun month! Megan Peters

3rd Grade Wax Museum Information and Sign Up

Click here

End of Year Reward Sign Up 2019 

The end of year reward for students in K-5 will on Thursday, May 30. There will be carnival type games/obstacle games available. The plan is to have the games set up in the main gym (possibly also in the courtyard).  

One grade level should sign up at a time. Please write the grade level below in a time slot. Please stay with your classes. There should also be someone from the company there in case any assistance is needed.  

Note from Portfolio Committee grades 2-5 and STEAM TEAM 

Portfolio Turn In Dates have changed so we can see more pieces before Portfolio Night ( May 9th ) 

Please note the new turn in dates will be  April 3rd and May 1st 

Here are the changes:

  • Check in 1 April 3rd ( turn in Goal sheets because they would be done with a reflection of TRI  2 and a New goal created for 3 ) 

  • Check in 2 May 1  ( a final turn in before Portfolio night on the 9th ) 

Portfolio Meeting during PD time on April 16 - This is what will be covered 


  • purple laminated papers ( give to team lead to hold ) 

  • a copy of the Parent Homework letter to give to each homeroom teacher 


  •  create a table of contents

  •  a letter to the parent

  • practice with students how to present their portfolio 

  • how to lay the portfolio out 

Elementary Flex Space

The following is the link of the Flex Space sign out. Please make sure to fill it in, if you’d like to reserve the space. Click HERE

Mylearningplan.com or Frontline Teacher Evaluation Portal Forms

Teacher observation Timeline – Year One *This timeline is flexible and subject to change.

Teacher Goal Sheets – Grades PK-5 and HS by October 2nd (extended to Oct. 8th by midnight) Goal Setting Form

Timeline for Observations Walkthroughs (10 minutes)

•#1 All teachers by Nov. 8

#2 All teachers by March 8

Informal Observations (20-30 minutes)

•#1 by Jan 18th

Formal Observation (full class)

•By May 15

Walk through Forms

Goal Setting Form

Walk through Form (PDF with electronic spaces)

Informal Observation Forms

Observation Form

Post-Observation Form

Formal Observation Forms

Pre-Observation Form Formal

Formal Observation form (PDF)

Post Observation Form Formal

Summative Conference Form

Teachers Composite Score


Please remember to enter students in RENWEB at the close of each day.

If you are dropping them off to extended care after a CLUB you still need to log them into RENWEB - it’s like taking attendance. Thanks!

Lower Elementary RTI

Lower Elementary is now accepting RTI tickets for the 2018-2019 school year! Please visit the Quick Links part of the dashboard to submit your RTI tickets.

After school club dates for 2018-19

There are BLUE club forms in my mailbox in the PS and in the club mailbox in the ES, ready to be picked up and filled out.   See the link below for the full list of club dates.

Club form due dates:

  • Spring Clubs (purple forms) - forms due to RW by 3/25, Flyers go home and in the Buzz on 3/28

Click here for a list of club dates for the 2018-19 school year