Digital Photography

Course Description: Students will learn fundamental photographic skills including digital capture, manipulation and output. We will explore digital photography in relation to fine art. For the processing and enhancement of digital photographs, students will learn the basics of Photoshop. These digital skills and tools for the making of photographs will be taught within the context of the aesthetics of photography and the creation of works of art. All students must have a digital camera (not a smart phone or IPod) that has adjustable settings.

Syllabus: Click here

Course Outcomes:

  •    For students to learn the technical skills to create successful works of art.
  •   For students to use their technical skills to communicate concepts, ideas and styles in their artwork.
  • For students to “think outside of the box” and problem solve as well as express themselves creatively through visual communication.
  • For students to recognize and appreciate the history of art.
  •  For students to become familiar with vocabulary, art terms, artists, works, periods and styles of art.

Course Materials:

  1.   Digital camera with the option to alter 2-3 functions when you shoot a photo
  2.   Sd card that holds 200-800 photos,  2 gb or more
  3.     Rechargeable batteries or at least 20 aa batteries
  4. Cord that connects your camera to the computer to upload photos
  5.  Flash drive-to save photos in folders for grading
  6. Pen & notebook to take notes
  7.   Camera manual (original or printed version from internet). This is important since every camera is different & you may need to look up how to adjust settings or change your camera to black and white mode, for example.