Danielson Resources for Teachers

Mylearningplan.com or Frontline Teacher Evaluation Portal Forms

Teacher observation Timeline – Year Two

Teacher Goal Sheets – October 1, 2019

Timeline for Observations Walkthroughs (5-10 minutes)

•#1 All teachers by Oct 4

#2 All teachers by December 20

#3 All teachers by March 27

Informal Observations (20 minutes)

•#1 by November 15

#2 by February 21

Formal Observation (full class)

•By May 1

Walk through Forms

Goal Setting Form

Walk through Form (PDF with electronic spaces)

Informal Observation Forms

Observation Form

Post-Observation Form

Formal Observation Forms

Pre-Observation Form Formal

Formal Observation form (PDF)

Post Observation Form Formal

Summative Conference Form

Teachers Composite Score 

How to Upload Artifacts In Danielson/Mylearningplan.com

Step by Step directions - Teachers go to:

  1. My  Evaluations (on the left)

  2. Artifacts (in the middle under “Evaluation”)

  3. Click “upload” green + button

  4. Type Name, Description, and choose Type, Category

  5. Align to categories and criteria

  6. Click Add Criteria

  7. Upload the file or URL

  8. Select admin to notify