Bengal Prep

Course Description: Through this course students are introduced to the history and culture of St. Benedict Preparatory School. Students become orientated to the academic, extracurricular and support services that are offered. 
With the aid of the computer, tablet, or iPad students are prepared with the skillset needed to be competitive in the 21st century. They develop critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration and creativity in order to have a successful high school, college and career experience. 

Syllabus: Click here 

Course Outcomes:

  •  Use this course as a supplement of prior knowledge and learn about resources enabling one to learn more about technology and one’s life in order to purse and advancement of technology in one’s life.
  •  Proficiently use the computer or tablet and computer programs.
  • Understand student life at St. Benedict Preparatory School.
  •  Research, write, and format papers.
  •  Practice skills such as: study skills, note taking and test taking strategies, communications skills, time and task management, and goal setting.

Major Skills:

  • Students will become proficient in the use of the computer or tablets and computer programs.
  • Students will develop note taking and test taking strategies.
  • Students will apply study skills to courses across the curriculum.
  • Students will apply time and task management skills.
  • Students will develop and practice research, writing, and formatting papers.
  • Students will develop communication skills.

Course Materials:

  • SOAR Study Skills Textbook (Susan Woodcock Kruger, M.Ed./Copyright 2011)
  • Write Source Book
  • Computer, tablet, or iPad
  • Handouts provided by instructor
  •  Notebook
  • Writing Utensil
  •  Assignment  notebook