Assessment Resources and Ideas

Turning a 4 point rubric into a traditional grade - great resource

Using rubrics to assess writing, projects and other forms of authentic assessment is critical for student success and clear, objective assessment. However, 4 point rubrics don't often translate into a traditional grading scale of A, B, C, etc. The resource below helps translate a 3 of 4 (etc.) into a more accurate letter/percentage. If you need me to explain further after reading this, please see me, Mary or Rachel. We'd be happy to assist.

No More Zeros in Grading - Not Just Rachel G's Crazy Rule...

For those who think the No Zero in the Grade Book campus policy is bogus or lowering our standards, here is an article that helps to explain some of the good reasons why ZEROes should not be allowed in a grade average. CLICK HERE. It's not just is helping us move forward toward a more valid and accurate assessment of student learning.