Advisory Board News

We welcome and congratulate our new executive board and our new board members.

2018-19 St. Benedict Preparatory School Advisory Board

Chair: Becky Hauman

Strategic Planning: Megan Biggam (Committee Chair, Vice Chair), Therese Grohman

Finance: Elizabeth Zakaras (Committee Chair, Secretary), Beka Kohmescher

Development: Bill Yankowski (Committee Chair), Brian Stearns

Academic Excellence / Catholic Identity: Carrie Tracy (Committee Chair), Pat Patras, Annie Beach

Marketing: Julie Rothweiler, Erich Parker (Committee Co-Chairs), Dean Evans,Jenny Roock

Technology: Ron Wojcik (Committee Chair), Alan Johnson

Thank you to the following board members who served a 3 year term and are rolling off in June. We thank you for your time and your commitment to St. Ben's!

Tim Urquhart - Chair & 2 years on Finance

Karla Stearns - Secretary & Co-Chair Marketing & Communications

Gina Hortatsos - Catholic Identity

Jose Ronchetta - Facilities

The 2018-19 Advisory Board will continue to work on the Strategic Plan, "Reaching New Heights". Some key items for next year include:

1. What's in a Mission? - A lot! As you all know we announced and celebrated our new school mission at Gala 2018! Our writing committee of school board and faculty members are still hard at work completing the remaining 3 foundational documents for our school. The philosophy statement, the profile of the graduates at graduation and the vision statement should be completed by the end of the school year.

2. Telling our Story - Marketing the new mission of our school, a school dedicated serving those in early childhood through grade 8 and focused on 21st century learning, with a cohesive marketing and advertising plan.  

3. Branding Our School - Hire a Director of Marketing. The school has posted a Director of Marketing position to oversee the marketing and brand of SBPS. This person will oversee marketing the school along with driving enrollment for all levels of schooling. The goal is to tell our story to those we currently serve and those we want to serve.  

4.  The Annual School Fund - 100% of the money raised will go to the school and continue to support our Reaching New Heights Strategic Plan goals.

5. Technology - It's hard to believe that just last fall we launched the 1:1 device program. This Fall almost the entire block will be participating in the 1:1 device program. Laptops will be distributed to K, 3, 5, & 6 grades this year. With our 2nd year of distribution grades K, 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 will have 1:1 devices.  2nd graders will have 2:1 devices with laptops shared in classrooms. (8th graders bring their own devices).

6. Office 365 - Administrators and faculty are migrating to Office 365! With a lot of research done by our technology committee we have found that office 365 is the system that will best meet our schools needs.  

7. Service Learning - The academic excellence and catholic identity committees will begin work on service learning programs for all levels of schooling.  

8. Teacher Retention - We love our teachers and we know they love SBPS! The finance committee in partnership with the School Improvement Leadership Team is continuing efforts on teacher retention ideas.

9. New Windows- The facilities committee has been working in-conjunction with the parish facilities committee on delivering the second phase of the Forward in Our Faith capital campaign. Look for tuck pointing and new windows along Leavitt in the coming months!  

10. By-laws - The advisory board is proposing minor changes to the advisoryboard by-laws. Please click here to view the proposed amendments. Should you have any questions or concerns please email Becky Hauman: The board will vote on the amendments to the by-laws at our June 20th board meeting.  

Have a wonderful and safe summer and we'll see you all in the fall!


Introducing our new School Mission!

Almost two years ago, the SBPS School Advisory Board began the process of creating a new Strategic Plan, Reaching New Heights. Through countless focus groups, online surveys, data analysis and meetings we determined the new mission of St. Benedict Preparatory School would be dedicated to 21st century learning and to serve those students in preschool through grade 8. A new mission statement is needed to support our contemporary school mission. The purpose of a mission statement is to state who we serve, what our school is called to do and provide a sense of academic programs offered. 

A writing committee of school board and faculty members transformed the ideas and feelings of faculty, staff, parents, students and alumni through several waves of community feedback into our new mission statement. We would like to acknowledge the writing committee for their time and dedication spent on writing this on behalf of the community. We would also like to thank all of those that provided feedback throughout the entire strategic planning process. 

At Gala 2018, we showcased and celebrated our new school mission. Please enjoy the video. Also included is a FAQ sheet to better understand the process for writing our school mission.  

The Advisory Board is currently accepting applications and nominations for associate and full board members!  

Please consider contributing your time and talent to the work of the SBPS Advisory Board!

We need parents, parishioners and committed members of the community to fill openings on our board as full board members and associate board members. The Board is composed of 16 members who server a three year term. Associate members make up the committees and commit to a one year term.

An application is required to be considered for for both an associate and board positions. Click here for the application. For more information on the Board, our work and a list of committees please visit the advisory board page of the website.

Please email your application to by Friday, March 30, 2018.


Top 8 Things Going on with the Advisory Board - November 2017! 

We hope that you have all settled nicely into the new school year! The school Advisory Board has been busy working and implementing our Strategic Plan, "Reaching New Heights." We are excited to inform you of the Top 8 things going on with the Advisory Board right now!

1. The 1:1 device hand out is now complete for grades K, 3 and 6.  Coming soon...check out the content piece on our website and hear from our school technology director, Louie about all the technology updates our campus has gone through in the past year!

2.  Annual School Fund is launching November 1st and will last only three weeks! Our goal for this year is $150K. The funds raised will go to filling the gap between tuition and the cost to educate your child, plus teacher retention! 

3.  Capital Campaign: There are three phases to the Capital Campaign.  The first phase was fixing the 100 year old church roof.  Phase two is new windows and tuck pointing on building one (Leavitt Building). Phase three is making 21st century learning updates to building 4. Phase two is set to begin in early June and be completed by BenFest.  Look for more information in the Parish Annual Report coming out in November.

4. New School Mission:  Between 11/6 and 11/15 the Advisory Board will schedule two parent focus group sessions to share our mission statement and seek feedback from parents to see if this new mission seems accurate and resonates with them.  Families will be contacted to participate.  

5. New exploratory at St. Ben's: Our new teacher Ms. Hoban has hit the ground running with our new exploratory classroom. Stay tuned for the opportunity to tour the exploratory and the new elementary library!

6.  Our marketing committee is looking to reassess/update the website to realign with our new school mission. Individuals from across the block are coming together to determine objectives and next steps. 

7. There is a renewed effort around student recruitment and retention at St. Ben's.  We have sponsored the NPN school fair and hosted a table on site. We are also hosting a high school fair at St. Ben's to assist our middle school students in finding the best high school fit for each student. 

8. The Catholic Identity committee is now planning and hosting the family masses at 9 and 10:30am. Please consider volunteering for your student's mass. 

We look forward to getting you another Advisory Board update in the beginning of 2018!


Parish Ministry Fair - November 12th after all masses

Interested in learning more about what the SBPS Advisory Board does?  Please stop by our table at the Parish Ministry Fair on Sunday, November 12th after all masses to hear more about what it's like to be on the Board.  The SBPS Advisory Board accepts applications each Spring for the following school year.  Please send any questions to:



Please click on the link below for all communications pertaining to the new school mission and strategic plan.

Update on "Reaching New Heights"  April 2017

Announcement New Mission February 2017

FAQ Regarding New Mission February 2017



The Advisory Board is composed of parents, alumni and other stakeholders of the school with three primary roles:

1. We advise school administration on policies that help guide the planning and administration of school, as well as review and advise on the school budget, tuition rates and other sources of financing.

2. We develop and help implement the school’s strategic plan and activities with strategic and
implementation expertise.

3. We participate in the school’s development, student recruitment efforts and long-range plans.

We are a board of “doers” who strive to help the school fulfill its mission in a spirit of cooperation and interdependence with the pastor and principal.  The Board is composed of 15 members who help chair and drive the activities of eight committees (see below for committee descriptions).  The Board operates with the school calendar and is active late August through mid-June with some projects continuing through the summer.

Chair:  Tim Urquhart
Vice Chair:  Becky Hauman
Secretary:  Karla Stearns
Academic Excellence Committee:  Patrick Patras*, Carrie Tracy
Catholic Identity Committee:  Gina Hortasos*
Development Committee:  Bill Yankowski*
Finance Committee:  Elizabeth Zakaras*, Rebekah Kohmescher
Facilities Committee:  Jose Ronchetta*
Marketing & Communications Committee:  Karla Stearns*, Julie Rothweiler*, Erich Parker
Strategic Planning & Policy Committee:  Becky Hauman*, Megan Biggam
Technology Committee:  Ron Wojcik*, Alan Johnson, Dean Evans
* Denotes Chair