8th Grade Religion

2 Trimesters - 1 Credit

Course Description: Incorporating considerations of Family Life and our preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation, 8th-grade theology will engage students with our Catholic identity and how we are called. By looking at the early Church, at how we belong and how we worship, and how we are called and sent, students will faithfully move toward their full initiation into the Church. Through personal reflection and study as well as group discussion and collaboration, students will continue to grow in faith. 

Syllabus: Click here

Course Outcomes:

  •  Deepen personal understanding of Catholic identity by looking at its origins as well as the way it is lived
  • Engage personally with crucial decisions in taking ownership of one’s faith
  •  Consider more deeply one’s relationships with self, others, and with God
  •  Prepare for and commit to the Sacrament of Confirmation

Course Texts:

  1. Finding God: Celebrating Church
  2. Family Life 8
  3. Decision Points (online)