6th Grade Earth Science

Course Description: In this course we will be learning about the amazing planet we live on! We will study geological features of our earth by problem-solving and discovery. We will be putting ourselves in many different scientific roles, such as, geologists, vulcanologists, and much more! This class will be VERY interactive and project based. 

Syllabus: Click here

Course Outcomes:

  • Learn scientific facts and concepts
  • Learn scientific methods and techniques for organizing data
  • Learn scientific terminology and explanations
  • Develop abstract as well as concrete thinking skills
  • Analyze data to explain outcomes.
  • Infer predictable outcomes from data.
  • Develop basic skills and work effectively in the laboratory

Course Materials:

  •  PBIS Ever-changing Earth Textbook
  • Laptop
  •  Binder
  •   Pencil or pen
  •  Edmodo access: edmodo.com
  •   PBIS online book access