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Happy Summer Birthdays!
Deborah Geppert (ES):  June 14th
Rachel Nemes (ES):  June 15th
Jenna Stamper (ES):  June 18th
Heather Perez (Nurse):  June 21st
Adriana Kolev (SS):  June 24th
Louis Karagiannes (Tech):  June 29th
Zoe Tarantino (EC):  June 29th
Anita Hanses (Parish):  July 2nd
Kelly O'Hara (ES):  July 2nd
Amy Carlino (ES):  July 5th
Rachel Gemo (Head of Everything):  July 13th
Hannah Stapleton (ES & SS):  July 19th
Robert Chico (Building Engineer):  July 21st
Maryanne Johnson (EC):  July 23rd
Elizabeth Kraig (Inclusion):  July 27th
Miroslawa Noga (EC):  July 29th
Karen Heaton-Walsh (SS):  August 1st
Catherine Kattner (EC):  August 1st
Lauren Edelen (ES):  August 2nd
Kim McMillan (Parish):  August 8th
Jessica Granitz (EC):  August 9th
Megan Peters (ES):  August 9th
Haley Baker (SS):  August 12th
Jacqualyn Stancin (ES):  August 13th
Betty Blazek (EC):  August 15th
Ben Mazzone (Tuition):  August 18th
Father Steve (Pastor):  August 23rd
Nancy Uczen (Religious Ed):  August 27th
Ivette Class (EC):  August 28th

Preschool and Elementary School Tours Begin This Week - Here is what to know...

CLICK HERE for the preschool and elementary school tour schedule for this school year.  Please note that we have changed the day and time to Thursday mornings at 8:30 am (no one is at mass this day).  Preschool tours will begin in the PS lobby.  Elementary tours will begin at the 3920 entrance in Phil's office. When a tour comes to your room, just say hello and smile if you are in the middle of something. If students are doing group work or independent work and you have a free moment, please feel free to welcome them to your room. This is a good practice for our classroom ambassadors to welcome people to their room. I'll be giving directions for this in a few weeks.