Terra Nova Standardized Tests

Every March St. Benedict Preparatory School (SBPS) students in Grades 2 through 7 are administered the Terra Nova Multiple Assessment Achievement Test, Third Edition.  This test is mandated by the Archdiocese of Chicago and measures the content and objectives considered most pertinent to the instructional programs of the Archdiocese of Chicago school system.  Within SBPS, standardized test scores are used in two ways:

  • to help develop and evaluate curriculum and programs;
  • to help teachers identify and plan for skills in individual students that are weak or lacking.
The Terra Nova Test format is different from many other common standardized tests.  Half of the test consists of multiple choice responses and half of the test requires a written response.  These written responses require critical thinking and problem solving skills to develop a logical answer.  The written portion of the test is individually graded by professional evaluators.


Click here for 2012-2013 SBPS Terra Nova Test Score Results