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Teacher Handbook and FYI's

Dear Faculty and Staff - please see the link below to a GOOGLE DOC that is our FACULTY HANDBOOK. This covers all faculty and staff PK-12. By being an employee of this school, you are expected to follow to the best of your ability all the procedures, policies and practices as they pertain to you and your position. 

If at any time you have any questions, please see your Head of School or Ms. Rachel Gemo. We'd be happy to clarify anything for you. 

You can use the table of contents to link to info as needed. If the link is blue, it is hyperlinked to the text that explains it. 

Thank you for being an awesome staff! 

Ms. Rachel Gemo, Head of Parish School 



There are several times during the year when teachers are expected to be present at a special school event.  Care should be taken to note these dates on both professional and personal calendars so teachers are able to avoid scheduling conflicts.  Teachers are expected to arrive promptly and stay until the conclusion of the meeting/conference/event, etc.

The following events/dates require mandatory attendance for teachers:


School Campus Hours 

These are the hours that your access card will work. If you will be on campus outside these hours, please let your HOS or Rachel Gemo know. Thanks!

Monday through Friday  6AM to 10PM

Saturday  8AM to 4PM

Sunday  8AM to 4PM

Cafeteria Hours

Wondering when you can use those Quest lunch cards? Here are the general secondary school cafeteria hours:

  • Breakfast   7AM to 8AM
  • Regular Day of Operation: 10:30 to 1:15PM
  • Tuesdays: 10:30 to 12:45PM

Parking Lot Hours

In order to keep our students safe at recess and going to and from the school buildings, the courtyard parking lot will be closed to traffic on a daily basis. This goes for all employees and guests of the parish and school. Please do not expect to enter the parking lot during these times.

8:15AM - once everyone in - south gate closed (on Byron)

10:30AM - when Recess starts - close the west gate (on Bell) and is closed the rest of the day. Please put out horses to block driveway

2:40 PM - open gates - for dismissal.

On Tuesdays, the lot opens at 1:40PM.

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Prayer Buddy Assignments 

Prayer Bud Pairings for 2017-18

PK - Blazek 137 - Morgen

PK - Elliott 135 - Voynovich

PK -Granitz 134 - Rosskamm

PK -Hayes 133 - Mocarski

PK - Gelfand 132 - Ramirez

PK- Christy 131 - Deady

PK - Langren 111 - Baker

PK- Kattner 113 - Galus

PK- Pikulski 114- Martino


K Tarris &   6 Heaton-Walsh & 6 McQuade  

K O’Daniel &  6 Heaton-Walsh & 6 McQuade

K Kelley &   6 Heaton-Walsh & 6 McQuade


1 Zadrozny -   4 - White

1 Geppert -  4 - White

1 Peters   4 - Pinon

1 Carlino 4 - Pinon


2 OFarrell  4 - Kennedy

2 Montgomery  4 Kennedy

2 OMalley  4 O’Hara

2 Nelson  4 O’Hara


3 Ciricincione  5 - Harris

3 Nemes   &  5 - Jenkins

3 McGuinn  5 - Peterson

3 Edelen  5 - Some from Harris, Jenkins & Peterson (split)